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Breaking Through the (Virtualized) Barrier – Why the Time is Now for SMBs to Embrace Virtualization

Recently, it was reported that over 65% of enterprise applications are now virtualized. That’s an impressive sum on its own, but staggering when you consider that only 25% of enterprise applications were virtualized five years earlier, in 2008.

The big allure for virtualization – like all major IT innovations – ultimately boils down to cutting cost and complexity in the data center. Smaller and mid-sized organizations (those with 500 or fewer employees), though, have not been able to embrace virtualization as quickly as larger enterprises. Since they have more modest resources than their larger counterparts, the upfront complexity in terms of onboarding to virtualization can be a bit more daunting.

Among other areas, some of the most commonly cited virtualization hurdles for smaller and mid-sized organizations are:

  • Security
  • Lack of knowledge / proper training
  • Technical complexity
  • Cost of hardware
  • Cost of consulting services
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

As virtualization has emerged as an IT best practice, though, things have started to change. For its part, VMware has developed VMware Go Pro – a cloud-based management tool that’s specifically geared for IT admins with limited resources that want to start the virtualization process. It allows those with next to no knowledge of VMware or virtualization to get vSphere up and running in less than 30 minutes via a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the onboarding process. It also includes an IT advisor that provides proactive recommendations for a given network and automates patch management for Microsoft and third-party patches alike.

Interested individuals can learn more about reducing the complexity of virtualization for SMBs in this whitepaper from VMware: http://vmwarego.com/files/VMW-WP-G0-PRO-REDUCE-CMPLX-VIRTUAL-SMBs.pdf

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