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This Week in Patching – 10/26/2012

By: Jason Miller, Manager, Research and Development

The highlight of this week was Adobe releasing a new security bulletin on Tuesday.  Adobe Security bulletin APSB12-23 addresses six vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution and is rated critical.  Administrators should look at applying Adobe Shockwave Player to their affected machines as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a new version of their Skype product with version  This update is a non-security update that integrates Skype with Microsoft and Facebook services as well as a few other new features.

On Thursday, Google released a new version of their Google Chrome browser and Chrome Frame browser plugin with version 22.0.1229.96.  Google has been very good at posting detailed release notes with every release of their Chrome, Chrome Frame and Chrome OS software.  Yesterday, Google did not post release notes for the updated products.  It is tough to play the guessing game with patching.  When in doubt, always assume an undocumented update is a security release.

Happy Patching!

– Jason Miller

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