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Survey: VMware Go Pro Helps SMBs Accelerate Virtualization Projects, Reduce Overall IT Costs

We recently wrapped up a survey of our customer base and gleaned some interesting facts about specific ways in which VMware Go Pro is supporting virtualization projects and streamlining overall operations for small and mid-sized IT departments.

Here’s a sampling of some of our major findings:

Virtualization and VMware Go Pro: A Match Made in Heaven

Based on this research, it’s abundantly clear that virtualization deployment and management is one of, if not the, major functions for VMware Go Pro in nearly every deployment. According to a pool of over 100 respondents, enabling single point management to view, monitor and modify virtual environments (53%) and quickly installing a vSphere Hypervisor (51%) were the two most common virtualization-centric use cases for VMware Go Pro. An additional 36% reported using VMware Go Pro to effortlessly deploy virtual machines.

Monitor and Manage Physical and Virtual Infrastructure From a Single View

In addition to being a reliable onramp for virtualization projects, VMware Go Pro provides a universal management console for physical and virtual machines alike. In a separate survey of 132 users, VMware Go Pro was cited for its ability to secure both physical and virtual infrastructures (40%), track and manage hardware assets (27%), control software inventory and licenses (26%) and streamline trouble ticket management (6%).Reduce IT Costs with VMware Go Pro

VMware Go Pro is built for cost-conscious IT departments and aims to automate (and in some cases, eliminate) tedious, time-consuming tasks. Users cited the following as major areas in which VMware Go Pro has helped reduce IT costs: reducing downtime via patching for Windows/non-Windows applications (32%), reducing administrative tasks via wizards and web-based tools (32%), eliminating the need for other IT management solutions (27%).

Check back here soon for some additional data around specific customer use cases with VMware Go Pro.

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