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Weekly Roundup: 5 Links for IT Admins

Crazy thought – what if there was an Olympics for IT admins? You could participate in events like “speed patch scanning” and “trouble ticket management”. Also, in lieu of the shot put, what about an event that simply involves hurling that old, clunky printer that’s been gathering dust in a hidden corner of your office for the past 5 years?

Or maybe we’re better off sticking to the main event. Not sure about you guys, but we’ve really gotten into this whole Olympic speed-walking craze.

OK, we’ll stop. Enjoy this week’s links, and happy early weekend!

After-hours IT: a phone hack exposed (InfoWorld)

The IT World’s Love/Hate Relationship with OpenStack (GigaOM)

Business Tweets Accounts a Double-Edged Sword for IT Admins (Mid-Size Insider)

DropBox fiasco serves as reminder of cloud storage insecurity (InfoWorld)

For Vanguard CIO, running IT comes second (InformationWeek)

Finally, just because, hats off to this barista for really going above and beyond with this dragon latte:


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