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VMworld 2012 Roundup and Friday Links

What a week, folks! VMworld 2012 was a smashing success. Our team enjoyed meeting a range of attendees and learning about their IT goals and challenges.

We announced the new VMware Go Pro on Monday, and through the event received great feedback from attendees.

If there was one universal item of feedback we heard time and again, it’s that attendees were impressed by Go Pro’s ease of use, and the ability to manage your entire IT operation from a single console. Those who stopped by the booth were also surprised by how quick and easy virtualization becomes with Go Pro.

Take a look at some of the candid shots we snapped over the course of the show below this week’s Friday links.

VMworld 2012: VMware declares death to vRam pricing (Network Computing)

IT considering BYOD to bring flexibility must not forget mobile device management (TechTarget)

A phantom menace gives IT the slip (InfoWorld)

The Problem with Social Collaboration on IT Projects (InformationWeek)

Pat Gelsinger and Joe Tucci at VMworld 2012 (Silicon Angle TV – video)

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Busy day at the VMware Go Pro booth.

Data from Star Trek TNG at VMworld!

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