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VMworld 2012: Introducing the New VMware Go Pro for SMBs!

By Manoj Jayadevan

I am very pleased to officially announce the new-and-improved VMware Go Pro, another step forward in our commitment to provide simple and cost-effective solutions for growing SMBs to adopt and extend virtualization, and to improve the protection, scalability and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

VMware Go Pro is a Cloud-based virtualization deployment and management solution hosted by VMware that makes it easier and faster to virtualize, and simpler to manage and optimize a growing infrastructure across virtual and physical machines and software.  Cloud-based delivery ensures an “anytime anywhere” IT management solution since all that a user needs is an Internet connection and a web browser to manage and monitor his entire IT infrastructure.  Now with an even more streamlined look and feel, IT admins can start managing their virtual infrastructure right away and easily migrate to other VMware tools like the versatile vSphere Client.  The terminology, concepts, even icons are consistent – VMware Go Pro just makes it all simpler and easier to understand.

With VMware Go Pro, we are uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional value to our customers and partners by simplifying virtualization and IT for SMBs. The new release further helps our customers keep up with the growth of their virtualized infrastructure by enabling the deployment of VMware vCenter for centralized management.

Here are the top 3 benefits VMware Go Pro offers:

Simplified Virtualization for SMBs
The common barriers to virtualization are lack of expertise and initial upfront costs. VMware Go Pro is an affordable subscription based solution delivered over the cloud. Its step-by-step wizards guide novices and experienced virtualization administrators alike through deploying and managing virtualization.  And the web-based interface allows virtual and physical infrastructure management with anytime, anywhere access. With this new release, users will now be able to deploy VMware vCenter via a web browser for centralized management of their virtualized infrastructure. Even IT generalists can get started with virtualization in 30 minutes or less.

Enhanced Uptime and Reliability
VMware Go Pro’s unified IT management console has built-in monitoring capabilities with unique, one-click IT assessments that automatically identify performance, security and downtime risks and make tailored recommendations to address them. The new release of VMware Go Pro  uses the addition of VMware vCenter  to improve uptime and reliability even further by enabling round-the-clock monitoring of your virtual infrastructure’s health.  Now customers will know of any potential issues even when they are not logged-into Go Pro.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Protection
VMware Go Pro offers automated patch management across physical and virtual machines for both Microsoft and third-party applications to ensure that organizations are up-to-date with all of the latest software upgrades, thus mitigating the organization’s vulnerability to the latest IT threats. An integrated Help Desk with built-in analytics also helps improve IT productivity and service, automatically prioritizing issues by level of severity. Go Pro also offers a rich asset management capability, which provides control over all software and hardware assets.

Looking forward in 2013, users will also be able to implement and test business continuity plans in minutes with cloud-based VM backup and disaster recovery.

I invite you take the VMware Go Pro for a test drive and discover for yourself the power of virtualization and the simplification of IT.

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