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Weekly Roundup: 5 Links for IT Admins

Happy Friday, everybody! Here are five links to help you get through the remaining few hours that stand between now and the weekend.

Windows admins get surprise Skype update in WSUS, more Microsoft licensing hikes (TechTarget)

“Who needs an app store?” Five years of iPhone (Ars Technica)

DR-as-a-Service Moves Closer to Reality (InformationWeek)

Researchers use spoofing to ‘hack’ into a flying drone (BBC)

Top 5 Windows desktop security tips of the year (so far) (TechTarget)

Now if you don't mind, it's lunch time….a.k.a. time to wash down one of these puppies with an ice cold Mountain Dew…diet of course!


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One thought on “Weekly Roundup: 5 Links for IT Admins

  1. SecurEnvoy Authentication

    We too spotted the drone hacked for a $1000 reward via spoofing – if only the drone had sent a one time password via 2FA SMS tech to the registered drone operator…

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