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IT Admin Poll: What’s the biggest SMB Virtualization Challenge?

Here at VMware Go, we’re keen on learning about the hardships of IT admins. As a result, we’ve decided to launch a poll for our social media followers. We want to know: What is the biggest challenge around virtualization for small to midsized businesses?

Want to share your answer? Simply click on the link below for the poll:

Poll: What's the biggest SMB Virtualization Challenge?

And guess what? Since we’re in the giving mood (IT Admin Appreciation Day is coming up, after all!), we’re giving away $5 Starbucks gift cards to the first 50 responders.  Nothing like a Venti Mocha Soy Frappucino to get you through the tedium of a Patch Tuesday! 

Disclaimer: We can only provide gift cards to U.S. residents, but those living in other areas of the world can still take the poll.

The poll will be run until July 9 at 5pm PT.  We’ll also post a wrap-up blog reporting the results.  We hope to hear from you,

4 thoughts on “IT Admin Poll: What’s the biggest SMB Virtualization Challenge?

  1. Jeremy

    It is so easy to create vm servers, that being able to back them all up is our biggest challenge!

  2. Mike

    Picking a shared storage vendor.

  3. Jon Bohack

    Disaster recovery is the hardest part of building new VMs… It plays into the shared storage and vendor lock-in.

  4. Ray

    Controlling licensing costs is our biggest challenge. Champagne wishes on a beer budget!

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