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10 Days of VMware Go – Day 6: Meet the New Patch Deployment Wizard

On the sixth day of VMware Go, my true love gave to me… a new patch deployment wizard!

OK, while this may not initially appear to be as exciting as “six geese a-laying,” we promise you that it’s going to make your life as an IT admin a lot easier (plus, think of all the daily cleanup associated with six pregnant geese—not worth it). You can also probably substitute “CIO” or “IT manager” for “true love” … Otherwise, we pretty much nailed it!

The revised patch deployment wizard takes patch management to a new level by offering an easy-to-use filter that allows you to sort critical security patches on even the most granular of levels. This allows you to ensure uptime and install patches in bunches, as opposed to disrupting your entire network with a massive patch update.

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