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10 Days of VMware Go: Day 5 – View Missing Patches as a Heat Map – Only in VMware Go!

When it comes to patch management, visualization has always been a challenge. Let’s say server X is missing 10 patches, and server Y is missing an additional 5 patches. It can be extremely difficult – and tedious – for an IT admin to sort which machine is missing which patch, and which patches are most critical. The forthcoming upgrade to VMware Go aims to eradicate this problem via a revolutionary new feature: a heat map that allows you to easily and quickly visualize your entire server infrastructure in a single tab.

The heat map, an industry-first feature, shows a bar for each machine delineated by color to demonstrate patch levels that a given server is missing. If it’s red all across the board, for example, that means you’re missing all of your security patches (and should probably start applying for new jobs…). If it’s yellow or white, conversely, that means that a machine is missing low-level patches. The overarching idea here is to give you, the admin, a better and more efficient way to quickly visualize security threat levels, on both an infrastructure-wide and per-machine basis.

Patch Heat Map

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