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10 Days of VMware Go: Day 4 – Better Patching, Better Group Assignments

 Patching your entire network can be a problematic and tedious process. A given patch could break a given machine, which in turn caused a lot of needless headaches for IT admins. A new feature in VMware Go is focused on group management for patch updates, allowing you to isolate different machines into different groups to better manage your patching process. You can, for example, group your production servers together and schedule a patch update for night so that it doesn’t affect up-time during the day, when bandwidth is in much greater demand. You can also manage your ecommerce servers in coordination with customer activity to ensure maximum uptime. The idea here is that by allowing IT admins to break their network down into more granular updates, network activity will not be disrupted and the patch management process will be much smoother.



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