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10 Days of VMware Go: Day 3 – Patch Status Pages in VMware Go Have a New Look and Feel!

Over the past few years, patching has evolved from a relatively weak experience to a much more robust experience. This was a major factor considered in VMware’s acquisition of Shavlik Technologies last year, and this version of VMware Go is incorporating many of Shavlik’s industry-leading patching features into this new version. It’s not enough to just see a list of missing patches – that has limited usefulness. What admins really need is a more holistic view that shows them which machines are most vulnerable, and which patches are missing–and that’s exactly what we’ve incorporated into this version. You can sort machines by how critical each patch update is, which have them installed, and which don’t. It’s an admin-centric, rather than patch-centric, approach. The first patches you see when you open up your VMware Go console will be the most critical patches for plugging vulnerabilities across your network – and you will be able to do so with a single click.


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