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Heat Maps, Virtualization Wizards, and More: Prepare for the 10 Days of VMware Go!

By: Arun Lal

It’s been a busy few months for the VMware Go team. We’ve been working hard on a new version of VMware Go, which will be incorporating a number of exciting new features.

The new version is largely based off of feedback from customers; we’ve had some great discussions with our current user base in recent months and have heavily incorporated their feedback in this upcoming version. We’ve tailored this entirely to the needs of IT administrators at SMBs that lack the resources of larger enterprise shops. We understand the crunch you’re facing on a daily basis, and we’ve aimed to automate and better organize a number of critical processes to streamline tasks like patch management and system rebooting (as well as virtualization, of course).

Check back here early next week, when we’ll officially kick off our “10 Days of VMware Go” series. We’ll be announcing a new feature each business day for 10 consecutive days.

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