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Transform IT With Cloud: GovConnection.com Podcast

I recently had an opportunity to record a Podcast with one of VMware's valued channel partners, GovConnection.com.  During the Podcast I addressed several questions regarding the adoption of cloud infrastructures in the Federal Government.

Topics included:

  • cloud adoption rates across federal organizations
  • cloud technology drivers (why cloud?)
  • the advantages of building out a cloud infrastructure vs. traditional IT
  • recommended steps for getting started (how cloud?)
  • how VMware solutions align themselves with this IT evolution

Take a listen @ GovConnection's Cloud Computing Technical Library (http://www.govconnection.com/IPA/PM/Solutions/TechnologyLibrary/Cloud.htm)

(go to "Transform IT With Cloud" and select "Listen Now")

or listen now: Jad_VMWare_GOV

 Enjoy! — feedback welcome