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VMware Explore 2022: The Worldwide View 

Up! Up! And Away! From the center of the multi-cloud universe to the comfort of your own home, VMware Explore has traveled around the world and now lives on in the on-demand video library. But just how far did the global impact reach? Read on to find out…  

The energy of this event was amazing. From San Fransisco, to Barcelona, and to all our regional events in between, a buzzing excitement has followed VMware Explore…by a massive 40,000 registrations (all in) to be exact! 

VMware Explore 2022 Locations
US  Aug. 29 — Sep. 1 
Brazil Oct. 19 — 20 
Europe Nov. 7 — 11
Singapore Nov. 15 — 16 
Japan Nov. 15 — 16 
China Nov. 17 — 18

And who can blame folks for all that excitement? Whether attendees got to meet Raghu in the US and in Barcelona, Sumit in Singapore, Kit in Japan, or Laura in Brazil, at least one of our top executives was present at each of the VMware Explore events. They certainly have gotten their air miles this event season!  

Speaking of regionals, each one of our regional events performed beyond the expectations laid out for them. Shoutout to Brazil for generating 7.5M impressions on social media while obtaining 10x more clicks than projected! Shoutout to Singapore for showcasing our products and solutions to an expanded audience! Shoutout to Japan for making VMware Explore a hybrid event! Last but certainly not least, shoutout to China for championing an entirely virtual version of the event itself! 

VMware Explore Brazil
VMware Explore 2022 Brazil
VMware Explore 2022 Singapore
VMware Explore 2022 Japan
VMware Explore 2022 China

Across the globe, explorers gathered to achieve new heights in mastering multi-cloud transformation to solve for their business complexity. As more and more entities move from cloud chaos to cloud smart approaches, we’re sure to see the multi-cloud universe expand even more. With so many event touchpoints to choose from, who wouldn’t want to explore further? 

Want to keep up with all the latest and greatest? Stick with us, here, at VMware Explore; the center of the multi-cloud universe.  


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