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The VMware Digital Consultant is coming to VMware Explore 

Written by Llewellyn Craddock 

Want to know how your business capabilities measure up to the rest?

Get all your questions answered. 

VMware Explore 2022 Europe 

 7 – 10 November | Barcelona, Spain 

The VMware Digital Consultant at VMware Explore 

The VMware Digital Consultant, powered by CapametriX, will be available at VMware Explore Europe 2022. For a limited time, organizations will be able to evaluate their current capability maturity for free across different topics such as digital workspace maturity, cybersecurity, and data centre modernization.

Look out for VMware’s Llewellyn Craddock and Shaun Larvin who will be onsite at VMware Explore Europe to guide you through the evaluations.

What is the VMware Digital Consultant? 

The VMware Digital Consultant, powered by CapametriX, can provide evaluations on topics based on best practice frameworks, compliances, and guidelines. These topics can range from digital workspace maturity to cybersecurity to data centre modernization. The tool is able to provide your organization with insight on a particular topic and identifies capability maturity, strengths, weaknesses and potential gaps. A detailed evaluation is provided instantly in the form of an executive report which provides tailor-made recommendations on vulnerabilities/gaps to help drive solution/capability maturity and can be used to establish business requirements. 

Benefits and Values  

  • Free of Charge 
    • The use of the VMware Digital Consultant in taking the evaluations is free of charge
  • Easy to Respond 
    • Within just a few minutes you can anonymously and securely assess your organisation’s key performance capabilities within the chosen business area against our industry best practice framework by simply responding to a set of affirmative statements with Agree, Unsure or Disagree. In our hybrid working world where time is short and digital meetings often end in 30 minutes or less, the CapametriX platform can focus those few short minutes into a valuable conversation. Ensuring the attendees are discussing the salient points rather than nice to haves. 
  • Instant Results 
    • As soon as the evaluation is completed, you will see a summary chart of your feedback with an industry benchmarking line and a high-level description of their top two risks. The lead time to benefit is measured in minutes rather than weeks or months. Rather than interrogating multiple sales organisations to find the ideal solution, the CapametriX platform will make bespoke, accurate and honest recommendations in minutes. 
  • Executive Report 
    • An executive report is automatically generated fully describing your results together with clear recommendations for any issues identified. The report is tailor-made for your organisation and can be quickly and easily adapted into an RFI, RFP or RFQ document. 
  • Recommended Actions 
    • The executive report provides tailor-made recommendations on vulnerabilities/gaps to help drive solution/capability maturity, and provides a remediation strategy and plan to execute. 
  • Consensus Report 
    • Multiple responses can be combined from one organization into one consensus report. This provides the ability to calculate a consensus level, a sense of urgency, as well as map out the responders within one capability group in the form of a Venn Diagram, providing further details of who has a high, medium or low need for a capability. 


The following topics are available: 

Modernize your SOC with Advanced Detection and Response 
Cloud Benefits of vSphere+ 
Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation 
Data Centre Modernization 
Ransomware Protection and DR 
Built in (East-West) firewall for vSphere workloads 
Scale Cloud Native Operations 
Modern VDI on Any Cloud 
Empower the Hybrid Workforce 
Secure and Optimize Enterprise Edge 

More Info on the VMware Digital Consultant, including a customer flyer available for download, is available now: Click Here

The VMware Digital Consultant team would like to invite you to try out an evaluation on a topic that interests you and if you want to find out more, find us at VMware Explore 2022 Europe! 


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