VMworld 2020 Tech Doodles by Barry Coombs

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About the Author: 

Barry Coombs is a long-term member of the virtual community being awarded the vExpert title for 11 years as well as being an active member and leader for the VMware User Group. Outside of his day job as Chief Technologist and Co-Owner of VMware Partner, ComputerWorld Systems LTD in the UK, Barry is an avid blogger and has his own unique style of covering industry events, live in the form of handwritten doodles. In this blog, we take a look at some of Barry’s live doodles covering VMworld 2020 as well as his thoughts and takeaways covering the first-ever all virtual VMworld conference.

VMworld 2020 Tech Doodles

Doodle 1: Covering the VMworld General Session as it happened with Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen, VMware further delivering on their vision. There was lots of chatter about VMware’s Any App, Any Cloud, Any Device, with Intrinsic Security vision and a strong focus on abstracting, securing and supporting operations for Kubernetes across multi cloud.

Barry Coombs VMworld Doodle 1

Doodle 2: Focusing on some of the end-user computing announcements from VMworld, VMware delivering on security and user experience as well as further maturing delivering and management of users’ desktops. It was impressive to see VMware’s EUC offerings with a look at day 0 operations and on-boarding of new hires, automation and ease of management. With the changes to work habits, VMware EUC solutions have been pivotal at supporting businesses transform and allow flexible working and new working requirements.

Doodle 3: Innovation the CTO’s perspective, how VMware is innovating to keep up with changing demands. 

Doodle 4: Taking a look at how VMware handles Innovation within its business and the CEO book club with Cohesity. 

Barry’s Recap of VMworld 2020:

What always stands out to me at VMworld is VMware’s continued execution against the shared vision. Any Device, Any Application, Any Cloud with Intrinsic security and that was ever apparent at VMworld 2020, further turning that vision into a reality.

VMware further delivered on this vision covering application modernization with the inclusion of Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu, delivered on any cloud with further maturity of vCloud Foundation running in your data center, AWS, Azure and beyond. Looking at the end user computing technologies, VMware is supporting that any cloud vision with Horizon Cloud supporting Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). What stood out for me was the day one new-hire onboarding and virtual assistant functionality within Workspace ONE intelligent hub. VMware is now focusing on the full employee experience and not just the delivery and management of desktops to users. Finally, security, who would have thought that we would be talking about VMware as a security company just a few years ago? But now, as always, VMware is delivering on its vision delivering security not as an afterthought (as a whole industry has grown up doing) but building security directly into their products. The biggest announcement was VMware SASE bringing together VMware SD-WAN, Secure Web Gateway, NSX Stateful L7 Firewall, Zero Trust Network Access and Edge Network intelligence into one single platform.  

To see more of Barry’s doodles, visit his blog Tech Doodles. For more VMware updates, check out the VMworld 2020 Announcement Summary.


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