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Top Cybersecurity Sessions at VMworld 2020

At VMworld 2020, VMware Carbon Black will join hundreds of security experts on the virtual stage and unveil how to implement a truly unified security approach. Enjoy 50+ intrinsic security sessions on how to protect your workspace and workloads, plus participate in interactive demos, hands-on lab activities, and experience roundtable discussions with top industry leaders.

You’ll gain strategic and actionable insights to reduce risk, minimize costs and strengthen your security while meeting business goals. Register for VMworld 2020 to see how VMware’s enterprise security solutions provide intrinsic security and intelligent protection for all of your applications and userswhether it’s on your endpoint or cloud solution. 

Looking for the latest cybersecurity technology and trends? Start with these four cybersecurity sessions at VMworld 2020.



The “Future Ready” Security Operations Center

The role of the InfoSec team has never been more important, and has never been a greater challenge. However, legacy security solutions are no longer capable of solving the challenges facing a SOC. These legacy solutions and approaches are largely ineffective against new forms of threats such as ransomware and non-malware attacks. Traditional solutions involve far too many point tools resulting in too many agents collecting the same data, and too many consolesleading to misconfiguration and misalignment of controls. And to make matters worse, the current pandemic is forcing us all to work remoteincluding many security teams.  

In this session, Tom Corn, Senior Vice President of Security Products at VMware, will be unveiling major advancements in our Carbon Black Cloud platformadvancements that will have an enormous impact on addressing the challenges facing a modern SOC. Get insights on how we are delivering on the promise of intrinsic security with deep integrations into the infrastructure while making security built-in versus bolted-on and expanding our sources of context and control. See our new integrations with IT consoles that will help break down the silos between IT and InfoSec. And you will see how leveraging a security SaaS platform can enable the “virtual SOC”one that embraces a distributed workforce.  Come see what a future ready SOC looks like.  

How Security Must Change to Accommodate the Distributed Workforce

The quick shift to remote work has generated a unique set of accessibility and security challenges during a time frequently dubbed the “new normal.” As cybersecurity teams are well-aware, attackers are constantly evolving and “normal” is a highly relative term. As we look to the future, what will “normal” look like? How will attackers continue to evolve? How can security teams work with IT teams for better collaboration? And will remote work become a universal standard? Join us for a panel of cybersecurity experts who will examine the implications of COVID-19 and how security will be forced to quickly adapt. 

XDR Extended Detection and Response: How VMware’s Integrations Re-shape Protecting Your Most Critical Assets

What is XDR and why should your security team be excited about it? Join us as we share insights on how VMware is extending the Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud to take advantage of new sources of telemetry and enhanced response capabilities to deliver Native XDR as only VMware is capable. 

Securing Workloads on vSphere, VCF and the Private Cloud

Intrinsic security enables a more proactive approach to threat management and simplifies security by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Join this session to learn how your existing investments in vSphere and NSX, combined with VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload provides deeper, unparalleled visibility into your environment and helps to streamline and operationalize security. 

Reserve your free ticket for our first virtual VMworld, and be sure to check out the other insightful sessions and programming at VMworld 2020. 

Carbon Black Cybersecurity Experts at VMworld 2020


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