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Intrinsic Security Sessions from VMworld 2020 [On-Demand]

2020 proved to be a challenging year for businesses all around the globe. With hackers taking advantage of the recent global health crisis and infiltrating their way into private information, more and more businesses began putting security first. At VMworld 2020, we addressed the evolving security challenges and discussed how we can help our customers protect themselves from breaches.

VMware Carbon Black highlighted several key initiatives at VMworld 2020, which focused on our new approach to intrinsic security, workload protection, and how to solve the many challenges that Security Operations Centers face daily.

Take a look at the following intrinsic security sessions from VMworld 2020 and access on-demand.

Intrinsic Security Sessions at VMworld 2020 Day 1

Intrinsic Security Keynote

In this session, Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer at VMware, leads a discussion on VMware’s new innovations to meet the security challenges of distributed workforces, public and private clouds, and security operations. He touches on how Carbon Black Cloud is helping customers modernize their Security Operations Center, and how we are working with NSX to improve threat intelligence.

Aparna Bawa, COO of Zoom, also joins in to talk about why they chose to partner with VMware as their security option.

You can watch the session here.


Become a Threat Hunter

This session is all about learning what threat hunting is all about and how you can use VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR within your security architecture. You will learn what a “normal” security posture looks like, how to find any abnormalities, dig to the root cause of those abnormalities, remediate within our Carbon Black product, and set yourself up to automatically detect with our watchlists.

This is a hands-on session that will give you first-hand experience with our product to put your newly learned skills to the test.

Tune in to this session here.


Purpose-Built: Securing vSphere Workloads

According to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon , the number one asset category involved in breaches are servers. With these servers having critical workloads on them, protecting them is crucial for securing modern data centers. However, security professionals are finding that protecting workloads creates a large amount of complexity within their security foundation and there is a difficult trade-off between security and operational simplicity.

Within this session, you will learn how VMware Carbon Black delivers a unified workload protection approach that is purpose-built for vSphere. You will also discover a unique approach to reducing the attack surface, strengthen the security posture within your organization, and simplify operations.

You can find the full session here.

VMworld 2020 was focused around our new intrinsic security approach. This approach is a new way to secure your business and protect your applications and data across any app, cloud, or device. With our intrinsic security combined with threat intelligence, your security posture has the ability to switch from reactive to a position of strength and protect your organization against the constantly evolving threats.

Looking for more intrinsic security sessions? Access the rest of our Intrinsic Security On-Demand sessions here. Or for more live event updates, follow @VMwareEvents on Twitter.



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