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Intrinsic Security: Day 1 at VMworld 2020

Today, thousands of security professionals came together for Day 1 of VMworld 2020 for the first time in a fully virtual format. The first day of the event featured hundreds of industry leaders sharing strategic and actionable insights on how to implement a truly unified security approach.

If you were not able to attend all the sessions you wanted, the VMworld 2020 content is also available on-demand. Be sure to check out the following security sessions below.Intrinsic Security Sessions at VMworld 2020 Day 1

1. Solutions Keynote: Intrinsic Security. Intrinsic Advantage.
Session ID: GEN2859

VMware COO Sanjay Poonen announced new innovations to meet the security challenges of distributed workforces, public and private clouds and security operations. Sanjay was joined by Patrick Morley, SVP & GM at VMware Carbon Black and Aparna Bawa, COO at Zoom, and together they highlighted key areas of innovation including:

  • VMware’s drive for improving security for the distributed workforce with Workspace Security VDI and Workspace Security Remote
  • The company’s announcement for securing public and private clouds with the new VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM  offering
  • VMware’s approach to XDR, multi-year effort to build the most advanced and comprehensive XDR solutions available

2. The “Future-Ready” Security Operations Center
Session ID: ISWS2943

In this session, Tom Corn, SVP of the Security Business Unit at VMware and Mustapha Kebbeh, CISO at Brinks shared insights on the importance of using Extended Detection and Response (XDR) XDR to achieve unified visibility and control for the InfoSec team. Tom also discussed our vision of intrinsic security regarding deep integrations into the infrastructure, making security built-in versus bolted-on, expanding our sources of context and control , and broadening into XDR.  Learn how to get your SOC future-ready.

3. VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM

A huge announcement kicking off Day 1 at VMworld 2020, the launch of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload  combines Carbon Black’s security expertise with VMware’s deep knowledge of the data center in all its forms.

Our initial release of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is designed to protect your critical servers and workloads that are hosted on the industry leading and award-winning vSphere platform. Adapting VMware Carbon Black’s advanced security capabilities to virtualized workloads, and leveraging VMware’s intimate knowledge of virtualization, we’re delivering a unified cloud workload protection (CWP) solution to augment your security posture across all phases of the workload lifecycle. Whether you are developing new virtualized applications, automatically scaling and growing your existing applications, or monitoring your long-running workloads, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload can help you reduce risk and improve overall security posture.

In addition, our unique position of working with the vSphere teams allows us to take advantage of the full capabilities of the ESXi platform and the hypervisor to reduce administrative overhead and reduce the number of agents and systems you rely on to secure your workloads. With one solution that offers a full Security Operations Center view (our classic VMware Carbon Black Cloud console) and vCenter plugins for the vSphere Admin, we are building bridges between distinct, distributed operational groups and accelerating the convergence of Security, Development and Operations into modern SecDevOps practices.

Looking to learn more about VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload or other VMware Carbon Black products? Stop by the Demo Zone this week to get a personalized demo with our technical expert and learn more about the power of Intrinsic Security.

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