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Business Continuity Event Series: Security & Support at Scale

Business continuity is top of mind for IT professionals across the globe. Whether scaling remote access to critical apps and data, securely delivering and managing devices among a distributed workforce, or optimizing network access, VMware’s remote work technology helps empower workspaces for a secure, scalable digital-first infrastructure.    

In order to help your newly distributed remote workforce build, run, manage, connect and protect any app on any device, we’ve put together a series of online events to help you adjust to the new normal. This six-part business continuity event series covers: 

Deep-dive: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Horizon 7 

Horizon-7-Reference-Architecture-Main (3)

Speakers: Aditya Kunduri, Director of Product Marketing, and Hilko Lantinga, End-User Computer ArchitectVMware 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Who should attend? Technical Practitioners 

Summary: With VMware Horizon 7 running on VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can leverage a robust, feature-rich cloud platform for virtual desktops and applications to enable a remote workforce. This technical session covers:  

  • An overview of Horizon 7 virtual desktop and application platform. 
  • How it can be deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS. 
  • How to leverage the same Horizon 7 platform with same tools and workflows both on-premises and on VMware Cloud on AWS. 
  • How to easily build your own hybrid VDI cloud for extending your existing on-premises VDI deployment or providing business continuity and disaster recovery capability for your primary VDI deployment. 


IT Resiliency and Business Continuity 

Speaker: Cameron Haight, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, VMware 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Who should attend? IT Leaders/Decision-Makers 

Summary: Business continuity is more critical than ever, but it’s never been far from the minds of corporate CEOs. Many IT organizations are looking at how they can absorb shocks to the system while still being able to deliver on the company’s mission. This presentation covers: 

  • The meaning of resiliency and how it compares to approaches such as disaster recovery. 
  • The steps that IT organizations can take to improve their own resiliency posture. 
  • How VMware technology can play a role in delivering a more resilient IT infrastructure. 


Scaling Remote Work Initiatives, Part 1: Onboarding BYO and New Corporate Devices to Speed Productivity 

Workspace ONE Architecture

Speakers: Aditya KunduriProduct Marketing Lead, and Marshall Anne Busbee, Product Line Manager, VMware 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Who should attend? End User Computing IT Professionals 

Summary: Part one of this three-part technical series covers how to easily onboard new bring your own (BYO) and corporate owned devices with the latest OS innovations, including new factory options from Dell. Diver deeper into the new Workspace ONE registered mode that offers an “any app, any device” experience without requiring MDM enrollment of BYOD. You’ll learn: 

  • Why onboarding is critical for new employees and existing employees working remotely. 
  • Latest onboarding options across iOS, macOS, Android, Samsung, and Windows 10. 
  • How Dell Factory Provisioning enables ready-to-work device experiences. 
  • The multiple BYOD options available to meet your requirements, including managed, registered, user partitioned, and app containers. 
  • How to enable the Workspace ONE user experience without requiring MDM enrollment with the new Registered Mode feature. 


Scaling Remote Work Initiatives Part 2: Security, Self Service and Support 

Workspace ONE Policy Framework 

Speaker: James MillingtonDirector of Product Marketing, End User Computing, and Aditya Kunduri, Director of Product Marketing, VMware 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Who should attend? End User Computing IT Professionals 

Summary: After successfully onboarding devices for a distributed/remote workforce in part onepart two covers how to ensure a secure, frictionless experience for your remote workers. This webcast examines the guidelines for:  

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication for critical applications. 
  • Empowering users with self-service support for resources and applications. 
  • Providing support teams with remote access and control for troubleshooting remote workforce devices using Workspace ONE Assist. 


Scaling Remote Work Initiatives, Part 3: Hybrid Cloud Options for Scaling Your VDI Deployment 

Horizon Logical Architecture

Speakers: Brigitte Skakkebaek, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Who should attend? End User Computing IT Professionals  

Summary: In part three of the scaling remote work initiatives webcast series, you’ll get a deep dive into scaling hybrid and multi-cloud VDI and published app deployments with VMware Horizon and Horizon Cloud. This session covers: 

  • How to take advantage of public clouds, including Azure, VMware Cloud on AWS, IBM Cloud, and more, plus private cloud options for desktop and app virtualization. 
  • Best practices for scaling on-premises deployments, as discussed by our Business Continuity roundtable of experts. 
  • How a hybrid and multi-cloud approach can set you up for success today and in the future. 


Take a Free Test Drive of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Ensure Business Continuity for Your Remote Workforce 

SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Speakers: Chris Le, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Rohan Naggi, Sr. Technical Product Manager, VeloCloud. 

Duration:60 minutes 

Who should attend? Networking and Security Professionals 

Summary: VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud delivers reliable, secure, and efficient branch to cloud connectivity, giving your remote workforce access to the same tools and resources they have on-premises, regardless of their location. In this webcast, you’ll learn how to quickly provision branch and remote offices with automated zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration, full orchestration, and ongoing monitoring. This presentation: 

  • Demonstrates the capabilities of SD-WAN by VeloCloud 
  • Provides a hands-on experience in the Zero Touch Provisioning Lab 
  • Gives you the details of how to order a free trial of SD-WAN by VeloCloud 

VMware is committed to helping you ensure security and support at scale, so operations continue to run smoothly. Follow VMware Events on Twitter to see our upcoming webcasts, live presentations, Q&A sessions and more.  


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