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Make the Move to Windows 10 Using VMware Mirage


Register for the webinar, “How to simplify and de-risk Windows 10 migrations,” hosted by Lakeside Software, MigrationStudio and VMware on Dec 7 at 7:45 a.m. (PST). Partners can register for a similar partner-focused webinar on Dec 7 at 9 a.m. (PST).

It’s been a little over year since Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system (OS). Since then, customers have started to look at how to migrate and support Windows 10. In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 64% of customers say Windows 10 migration is the top priority among their end-user computing (EUC) projects.

Within two years, our survey indicates that customers expect to migrate and support Windows 10 in 75% of their install base. It’s clear that Windows 10 is already being embraced by organizations today, and even more organizations are certainly thinking about it.

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What’s New in the Updated Reviewer’s Guide for VMware ThinApp?

The Reviewer’s Guide for VMware ThinApp has been updated for ThinApp 5.2.

This guide is for anyone who installs and deploys VMware ThinApp packaged applications, and contains almost everything you need to know about ThinApp. It covers fundamental information about architecture, components, and terminology, and includes practical exercises that guide you through packaging, updating, and deploying applications.

What makes ThinApp a market leader in application virtualization? A major benefit of ThinApp is its ability to isolate applications. ThinApp applications are self-contained EXE files that do not touch the underlying OS. You can eliminate conflicts and run two versions of the same application, in parallel. For example, if you require a legacy browser for a business application, you can run virtual Internet Explorer 6 with native Internet Explorer 11 on the same desktop.

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Q2 in Review: Top 12 VMware EUC Headlines

Top EUC Headlines

Our approach to end-user computing (EUC) at VMware is a little like Pam’s race strategy on “The Office”: start fast, run fast and end fast. We made big headlines at the start of 2016 with the reveal of VMware Workspace ONE, Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, Horizon 7 and many other new product releases. We’re still moving.

[Recap: Our Biggest End-User Computing News of 2016, Yet]        

Now, let’s take a look at our second quarter—by the numbers. Check out some of the biggest EUC stories from VMware in the last few months.

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Top Horizon 7 Insights & IT Best Practices From Our Pros

vmw-tech-consulting-servicesWe’ve talked a lot about the newest capabilities introduced in VMware Horizon 7, but how does it change the roles within your IT organization or impact your long-term end-user computing strategy?

No one has better IT best practices and technical insights than our very own VMware consultants. Our consultants are on the front line of software-defined data center transformations, end-user computing deployments and virtualization implementations.

Here’s a roundup of their Horizon 7 tips and insights from the VMware Consulting Blog.

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New Release: VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker

By Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing and Enablement at VMware


A new version of the VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker has just been released. The Decision Maker provides guidance as you make application-delivery decisions for your enterprise. The tool helps you identify your priorities, choose your methods, and select the Horizon 6 products and platforms that will work best in your enterprise.


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Getting To Know the Mirage Tools

By Stephane Asselin, Senior End-User-Computing Architect, VMware

With significant contributions from Yaniv Weinberg, Research and Development Manager, Mirage Product Engineering, VMware

We know that the VMware Mirage product handles image management and application deployment to physical endpoints very well. But in the last few months, the Mirage team released some tools to make the Mirage administrator’s life a bit easier. This blog provides information about how to use these tools and how they can benefit your Mirage deployment. These tools are free and available to all Mirage users from the VMware download site (as shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1: VMware Mirage Tools, Download Product Window

Mirage Centralization Phase Estimator

The first tool to discuss is the Mirage Centralization Phase Estimator tool. In any Mirage project that includes a centralization phase, it is critical to properly plan the different phases of the project to ensure successful deployment of the complete solution. Several scenarios require centralization: backing up endpoints, migrating operating systems, and migrating hardware. Here we discuss backing up the endpoints. Continue reading

Windows 10 Receives Positive Outlook From IT Professionals

By Mark Margevicius, director of enterprise solutions, End-User Computing, VMware

Previews for blockbuster movies are always exciting but they all come to an end as the lead-up culminates with the eventual opening weekend that draws hundreds of thousands of excited fans. Similarly, months of anticipation have culminated this week with the launch of Windows 10, the much-anticipated release of the latest Windows operating system that will introduce a new endpoint management paradigm to the industry.

As part of this industry moment, we commissioned a survey with TechValidate to examine the opinions and sentiments of IT professionals towards the Windows update.  The survey findings represent feedback from roughly 250 VMware customers and were completed earlier this month.

Through this survey, we discovered some real nuggets of insight from customers , which I’d like to share with you in this post. So without further adieu, below are 5 key takeaways from our recent survey.

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Why Windows 10 Matters To You

By Mark Margevicius, director of enterprise solutions, End-User Computing, VMware

Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 10 is a significant milestone for any enterprise customer today.  With this release Microsoft has delivered a meaningful release that will have impact and value for many years to come.  But Windows 10 has enough differences from prior versions (Win7, Win8/8.1 or WinXP) to lead me to believe that this is not business as usual.  It is important to understand how this release differs from prior releases and what actions organizations should take as part of their due diligence.

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VMware Mirage and Microsoft SCCM Working Side by Side

By Karen Smith, Guest Writer, Former Technical Writer for End-User Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

With significant contributions from Maor Kuriel, Product Specialist, Mirage Engineering, End-User Computing, VMware

Many organizations use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for managing large groups of endpoint devices. In an ideal scenario, everything is operating smoothly, but sometimes things go wrong, and end users need to quickly recover their systems so that they can resume work.

You might be searching for a disaster recovery solution for your SCCM environment, which would enable IT to assist users with issues such as hard drive failure, virus infection, and corrupted files or applications. You also might be searching for a faster way to refresh PCs to new hardware, and migrate large groups of computers from Windows XP to Windows 7, or from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. VMware Mirage can do all these things.

The Mirage and SCCM systems can coexist independently in the data center without interfering with each other.

Figure 1: Mirage and SCCM Servers Side by Side with Mirage and SCCM Clients on Endpoints
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Workspace Environment Management with Horizon

By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

A constant theme I hear when talking to customers about managing their virtual, physical, and cloud-hosted environments tends to center around the challenges they face with applications and users. In particular, the questions that customers are looking to solve are ones like how can I simplify management of my 100s of apps throughout their lifecycle, from provisioning, to updating, to dealing with app conflicts? How can I optimize delivery of applications to all the different environments, devices, and users I manage?  How can I drive down costs of managing user personas while delivering a consistent experience across devices? And these are just some of the questions I hear. Well, we’ve been working to help tackle these challenges with a complete Workspace Environment Management solution using our Horizon technologies. Continue reading