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Keeping up with End Users: 12 Stats about Mobile Work Productivity

Recently, InfoWorld veteran Bob Lewis told the IT news site, “Do you realize, that over just the past three years IT has pretty much been stood on its head? … The biggest change in IT is the shift from cost reduction to revenue enhancement.”

That new charge includes redirecting IT resources to digitally transform end-user technology—both customer- and employee-facing business processes. And employees are demanding instant, fast and ubiquitous access to work like never before. Now that workers can work on any device they expect new levels of business mobility.

Check out the 12 stats below that illustrate the new, higher standards for mobile work productivity that IT is expected to deliver.

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A Look at Mobile World Congress 2016: It’s Going to Be Epic

Apps, enterprise wearables, smart machines, money…everything’s coming up mobile. And the world’s biggest, annual conference on mobile trends and mobile innovation, Mobile World Congress 2016, is coming up soon, Feb. 22–25 in Barcelona, to cover it all.

Mobile World Congress is the place for industry professionals to learn what’s new and what’s next in mobile, developers to network with leaders in app development and mobile start-ups to learn how to grow their businesses. For 20 years, the event has also recognized the top mobile innovations with the prestigious Global Mobile Awards.

Last year alone, more than 94,000 people attended from 200 countries to hear more than 140 speakers and explore the halls of nearly 2,200 mobile exhibitors. Here’s a recap of the 2015 event: Continue reading

Look Who’s Talking EUC + Mobile Retail at NRF 2016

nrf blog 1 mobile payments retailConsumers aren’t coming to retail stores as much as they used to, but when they do, they are better educated and expect exceptional service. To stay current in this highly competitive new retail world, retailers are finding innovative ways to deliver delightful customer experiences and the product expertise that motivates shoppers to buy. Next week at the National Retail Federation’s biggest event, NRF 2016, three leading retailers—Belk, Ascena and Luxottica— will share how they utilize innovative mobile devices, digital displays, kiosks and beacons to delight shoppers and grow their businesses. Continue reading

New Report: 2/3 of Executive & IT Leaders are Prioritizing Business Mobility in 2016

VMware today launched its 2015 Business Mobility Report, revealing the current state of the mobile enterprise and the top mobility initiatives for business and IT leaders over the next 12-18 months.

  • Download the VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report.
  • View the interactive VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report.
  • Read more about the VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report on Radius.

Excerpt from the report:
Accelerating a New Era of Business Mobility: Executive Summary

Mobility has the potential to be the most transformative trend in business, affecting every employee and customer while helping make the organizations that successfully implement mobile initiatives more competitive and more successful. Business and IT leaders consistently rank mobility as one of their highest priorities. Gartner’s 2015 CIO Survey revealed, “the mobile delivery and experience of IT systems, both for internal and external customers, is now a top concern in system design, requiring I&O organizations to shift priorities and skill sets.”1 Forrester advises CIOs and CMOs to undertake key strategic imperatives, including embracing the mobile mind shift to serve customers.2 Continue reading

Estimating Value in End-User Computing

By Brian Gammage, Chief Market Technologist, End-User Computing, VMware

The last few years have seen a major shift in the way organizations plan, select and deploy technology capabilities to their workers. The range of choice has expanded at every level; in devices, applications, ways of working, potential suppliers and ownership. Expectations have rocketed too as users have become more knowledgeable and better equipped. The rapid uptake of mobile devices and applications has accelerated everything, turning ‘day zero support’ from a dream into a requirement. All of this means that business decisions around how, when and which EUC technologies to invest in have become far more complex than with any previous generation of technology.

An Industry Problem

In the face of these complexities, most organizations are finding it much harder to build business cases for their EUC projects. We at VMware are acutely aware of this: our own business case practice (we’ve built around 700 detailed business cases for larger customer projects so far) has seen a rapid surge in requests for assistance and in many cases the requests are much more ‘open ended’ than before.  We also know that it’s not only us; our partners, other EUC providers and analysts have all highlighted the growth in demand for such support. To better understand this growing need and the best ways to respond, we spent the first months of 2015 doing some additional research and our conclusion was stark: most customers are struggling to identify and estimate measures of value, but almost everyone knows how to measure cost.

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New View Security Overview Now Available

By Gary Sloane, VMware End-User-Computing Consultant

Do you remember the guy from Los Alamos who lost a laptop full of weapon plans? How about that database of veterans’ names and social security numbers accidentally left in an airport? Losses like these could all have been prevented by VDI solutions, such as VMware Horizon with View. Enforcement of policies on taking sensitive material off-premises would have been useful, too, but the use of View desktops instead of physical PCs would have been sufficient.

Ah, the good old days!

Today, the breaches are more numerous, frequent, and complex, with more mobile devices at risk and more serious and sophisticated forms of attack. From Stuxnet to Heartbleed to Backoff to less dramatic incidents—like the theft of a billion usernames and passwords—new threats are emerging all the time.

So, if you are a system or network administrator, or a security officer, the good news is: There are ways to reduce your attack vectors. The bad news is that these suggestions are often ignored.

The new VMware Horizon with View Security Hardening Overview provides a broad discussion of the security issues facing VDI administrators. It includes both general advice about the evolving threat landscape and specific recommendations for hardening Horizon 6 with View and implementing a defense-in-depth strategy.

The advice is good. Do not ignore it.

How Colt Technology Services Deployed View Desktops With Ease and Efficiency

By Alexander West, Technical Writer, End-User Computing, VMware, and Matt Coppinger, EUC Architect, End-User Computing, VMware

Recently, Colt Technology Services, a leading international IT- and telecoms-services company, confronted two crucial challenges: (1) enabling employees to work remotely and (2) reducing costly desktop and laptop replacements.

According to Colt, “We wanted to break the paradigm of a traditional and costly three-year laptop and desktop refresh project. We wanted to release our employees from their reliance on internal IT, and give them the freedom to use any device from any location to access corporate applications.”

Their solution: VMware Horizon with View. Continue reading

VMware EUC Insights: A One-of-a-Kind Virtual Tradeshow


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 17th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PST, and join us for VMware EUC Insights, a free, online tradeshow, bringing together the power of VMware Horizon, DaaS, and AirWatch for the first time.

We’ll kick things off with a keynote delivered by four executives responsible for shaping VMware’s end-user computing offerings:

  • Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM of End-User Computing
  • John Marshall, SVP and GM of AirWatch
  • Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop Product
  • Tony Scott, VMware CIO

From there, attendees will have the opportunity to choose from five specialized, topic-based tracks and participate in live breakout sessions, technical deep dives, and expert chat sessions on Horizon 6, Desktop as a Service and Enterprise Mobility Management.

While exploring the 3D virtual tradeshow floor, you’ll also find interactive booths staffed by experts from strategic partners such as Cisco, Dell, EMC, F5, Google, IBM, Liquidware Labs, Nimble Storage, NVIDIA and VCE.

Every organization is unique, but the agenda for this half-day event is packed with informative sessions to give you the actionable knowledge necessary to tackle today’s biggest IT challenges, including topics like:

  • How do organizations like yours save more than $1 million in hardware costs, reduce server infrastructure by 94 percent, and shorten their Horizon pilot time to just weeks?
  • How do you deploy a completely virtualized environment without losing your mind and breaking the bank?
  • “I left my Chromebook at home! It has all the notes for my meeting in 10 minutes! Now what?”
  • Is it possible to spend less, reduce complexity and still get solid DR protection for enterprise desktops?
  • Is business continuity and high availability for your desktop, apps and data a rainbow unicorn or the real deal?

Registration for VMware EUC Insights is free, so sign up today and invite your fellow IT pros! We’re looking forward to meeting you all on the show floor next week.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates during the show and you can also share your feedback by using #EUCinsights.


Introducing VMware Horizon DaaS Platform: Industry’s First End-to-End Software Platform for DaaS

Sumit Dhawan

By Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop, End-User Computing, VMware

As we kick off VMware Partner Exchange 2014, I’m excited to make some announcements in the rapidly emerging market of cloud-delivered Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).

We are announcing the availability of the industry’s first end-to-end software platform for DaaS, VMware Horizon DaaS Platform (previously Desktone), that provides a complete software stack for service providers to build a cloud-based DaaS offering at scale. With the close of the acquisition just four short months ago, VMware Horizon DaaS Platform integrates three key software ingredients for building a scalable DaaS offering into a single platform:

  1. The industry’s leading secure multi-tenant broker and orchestrator
  2. Mobile and cloud-optimized virtual desktop delivery technology with great user experience
  3. The world’s most widely used virtualization and cloud platform.

IDC predicts that the market for cloud-hosted desktops will grow at 85% CAGR over the next 5 years and near $1 billion. We envision high customer and partner interest will lead to significant growth in DaaS clouds.

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What’s New in the Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide?

By Cindy Heyer, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

The latest updated VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 Reviewer’s Guide is now available. The Reviewer’s Guide was originally released shortly after the release of the Horizon Workspace product, and it has just been expanded.

The Reviewer’s Guide is designed for VMware customers and partners who want to use Horizon Workspace to access their Horizon View desktops, ThinApp virtual applications, SaaS-based applications, and data shares within secure company systems. The Reviewer’s Guide gives you the low-down on the new features of the 1.5 release, and describes how to set up a Horizon Workspace instance and examine the features. You can use the Reviewer’s Guide to explore the functionality in step-by-step exercises, or even as a training tool to familiarize yourself with a sample Horizon Workspace deployment.


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