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Why It Is Time to Ditch Legacy Systems & Upgrade Retail Infrastructure with VMware Mirage

When we think about retail as consumers, we think about going shopping, trying on the latest fashions, spending money, treasure hunting and hopefully having a great overall experience. For some of us this is not always the case. We have all been in a situation where going to the local mall, grocery store or department store has taken more time out of our day than we expected—having to wait in long lines, make product returns that seem impossible and cumbersome or walking into our faithful grocery store the town over only to find the entire store experience is different from what we are accustomed to. And we wonder, why is it the same brand, same state, same name and same products but a different experience?

Infrastructure Drives the Retail Store Experience

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Read All 6 HUGE VMware EUC Product Announcements Right Here

IBM, TrustPoint, Workspace ONE, AirWatch 8.4, Mirage, App Volumes and more top off another busy week for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

It’s been a busy week here at VMware End-User Computing (EUC). And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

In the video below, our EVP and general manager, Sanjay Poonen, gives you all the top headlines from our game-changing announcements this week:

Here are the top six headlines and product announcements this week: Continue reading

Full Image Management for Windows 10 with VMware Mirage 5.8? Check!

According to TechTarget, 40% of IT professionals are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 this Mirage Overview videoyear. This represents almost 3X the number who were planning to upgrade last year, which was about 14% of IT professionals. It’s clear that enterprises are starting to think about and even beginning to adopt Windows 10.

The VMware Mirage engineering team has been ramping up development to support Windows 10 physical PC management, beginning last year. From the release of Mirage 5.6 in December to Mirage 5.7 a few months ago, we’ve focused on introducing support for managing Windows 10 PCs with minor releases, rather than releasing one major version.

Today, I’m excited to announce the latest release that supports full image management for Windows 10 with Mirage 5.8.

You can download Mirage 5.8, or start a free trial today. Continue reading

Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage 5.7

By Gary Sloane, Consulting Writer and Editor, VMware
Yaniv Weinberg, R&D Manager, VMware

We are happy to announce a new version of the Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage white paper, which brings it up to date for VMware Mirage 5.7.

Mirage provides centralized image management for both physical desktops and View virtual desktops in VMware Horizon 6. It also offers enhanced backup, recovery, updates for endpoints, and migration functionality for hardware and operating systems. Mirage centralizes endpoint content in the data center, downloads images to endpoints, and optimizes the data transfer.

In addition to accounting for new features and components, such as MongoDB databases, there are many small improvements to the paper that make the material more accessible. Additional deployment suggestions should be especially useful to design architects and IT administrators.

For more information, see Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage.

Need a Windows 10 Provisioning & Disaster Recovery Strategy? Introducing VMware Mirage 5.7

Can you believe it’s been nearly three months since we released VMware Mirage 5.6? That release signaled the first wave of support for Windows 10 using Mirage, with operating system (OS) migration to Windows 10 being the first use case supported.

Customers can now migrate their Windows 7 physical endpoints to Windows 10 and enjoy all the benefits of OS migration using Mirage, including a built-in safety net using snapshots, minimal end-user downtime and more.

With today’s general availability of Mirage 5.7, customers can broaden their Windows 10 use cases and leverage new features designed to empower next-generation image management across their desktop and point-of-sale (POS) environments.

VMware Mirage 5.7: Windows 10 Provisioning, Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

The top Windows 10 management features our customers ask for are endpoint provisioning, data protection and disaster recovery. Let’s take a look at how IT can use Mirage 5.7 to help with each of these use cases. Continue reading

New Release: VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker

By Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing and Enablement at VMware


A new version of the VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker has just been released. The Decision Maker provides guidance as you make application-delivery decisions for your enterprise. The tool helps you identify your priorities, choose your methods, and select the Horizon 6 products and platforms that will work best in your enterprise.


The new Decision Maker includes several improvements that will make it easier to use and more helpful. Continue reading

Accelerate Migration to Windows 10 with Mirage 5.6

By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

Microsoft’s Windows 10 release this past July represented a fundamental shift in how organizations manage endpoints. Managing Windows systems from the classic endpoint management model shifted to an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) model. Microsoft opened up the PC platform to be managed like any other other mobile device (such as smartphones and tablets). Customers needed to start thinking of a new approach to managing future Windows 10 desktops. But before customers can even get to a full EMM approach, they need to be able to migrate their existing Windows 7 environment to a Windows 10 environment.

As the year progressed, more of our customers began looking at this use case. Today, I’m excited to announce that we are helping our customers with their journey to Windows 10 with full operating system (OS) migration support using VMware Mirage 5.6! Continue reading

VMware Horizon Integration – How the Pieces Fit Together, Part 4

By Anthony Rizzo, Staff End-User-Computing Technologist, VMware

This series discusses the concept of VMware Horizon 6.2 and VMware Horizon Air Desktops and Horizon Air Apps as a flexible end-user-computing tooling system.

Part 1 of VMware Horizon Integration – How the Pieces Fit Together reviewed the main ideas behind this concept.

Part 2 of VMware Horizon Integration – How the Pieces Fit Together covered key characteristics of end-user-computing centralization with secure and remote access.

Part 3 of VMware Horizon Integration – How the Pieces Fit Together examined the mapping of business requirements to VMware product-set features for tooling end-user-computing solutions.

This part concludes the series with an explanation of how the products in the VMware End-User-Computing portfolio can be combined and adapted to form solutions that meet your needs. Reference architectures and other very useful tools are provided at the end of this blog post to educate you further. Continue reading

New: App-Delivery Decision Maker for Horizon 6 Helps You Choose App-Delivery Methods and Platforms

By Cindy Heyer, Technical Writer, Technical Marketing, End-User Computing at VMware

We hear the requests for an easy way to identify which of the many application-delivery options supported by VMware Horizon 6 works best for a particular use case. It is a good problem to have. And now the Horizon 6 Decision Maker comes to the rescue.


You don’t need a decoder ring when you have the Horizon 6 Decision Maker. The Decision Maker helps you navigate the wide array of options that Horizon 6 supports to meet your application delivery and user requirements. Continue reading

Make Your End-User-Computing Mission a Success

By Tristan Todd, Architect, End-User Computing, VMware

I am pleased to announce a new, fun, and comprehensive poster that includes best practices and tips for the VMware End-User-Computing products. Included in this poster is everything from Horizon Client tips to User Environment Manager best practices. We have even included some guidance and sizing advice for core SDDC infrastructure components such as NSX and Virtual SAN.


This poster is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive reference. With input from many of the battle-hardened field resources at VMware, we have collected some of the best pro-tips and put them in a cool, space-themed layout. This poster will make a fine addition to the wall of your office, lab, or data center.

We will be handing out these posters at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco. Please attend one of the many excellent EUC breakout sessions, visit the Hand-On Labs, or stop by our Expert Bar in the VMworld Solutions Exchange to get your copy. You can also review and print a high-resolution copy by clicking the poster image in this blog post.