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VMware Horizon View Clients 2.1 Update

by Ben Chong, Product Management End-User Computing

VMware® has updated the Horizon View™ Windows client to 5.4, and introduced version 2.1 of the Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Store clients. These updates offer improvements in printing, multimedia and mobile accessibility.

No-fuss Printing

The Linux and Mac clients now support the same virtual printing capability that our Windows client has had for some time: the list of local printers that have been configured on the Horizon View client endpoint is shared with or redirected to the Horizon View desktop. These local printers can be directly attached USB or network printers on a home or branch office network. The user does not have to install drivers on the Horizon View desktop or dedicate the printer to one environment or the other.

This feature is particularly important for remote end users and branch offices. The Horizon View admin does not need to maintain various printer drivers on the Horizon View desktop images and the end user can print to a local printer without extra setup.

Microsoft Lync for Microsoft Windows 8

We announced support for Microsoft Lync calls from a Horizon View desktop in March. At that time, the only configuration available was a Windows 7 client system with a Windows 7 Horizon View desktop. With the Horizon View Client for Windows version 5.4, we now also support Windows 8 client systems.

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VMware Horizon View Mobile Clients 2.1 Update

by Michael Xiaomin Shen, Product Marketing End-User Computing

VMware® has introduced version 2.1 of the Horizon View™ clients for Android and iOS. Updates include smart card support on the Android client and improvements in mobile accessibility for both Android and iOS.  Horizon View also now supports the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 that was just released on Saturday!

Smart Card

Organizations that want their mobile users to securely access Horizon View desktops from Android devices can now use smart cards as the user authentication mechanism.

This new capability works on Android 4.x tablets and phones and require a smart card reader from Biometrics Associates. Supported smart cards types include popular ones like CAC, PIV and Gemalto.

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VMware Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 2

by Tony Huynh, Product Management, End-User Computing

Today, VMware is excited to announce that VMware® Horizon View™ 5.2 Feature Pack 2 is generally available.  With this latest feature pack, customers have access to a comprehensive set of new features that enable new rich-media use cases.  The two new features being introduced in Feature Pack 2 are “Real-Time Audio-Video” and “Flash URL Redirection” for live webcast video.

Real-Time Audio-Video

The “Real-Time Audio-Video” feature is a complementary technology to previously released Unified Communications (UC) solutions from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Mitel.  “Real-Time Audio-Video” enables Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) users to have broader application support for real-time audio and video when using devices such as microphones and webcams on their local clients.  Moreover, the new feature provides significant performance improvements and improved HID compatibility.  By encoding audio and video using industry standard codecs, the upstream bandwidth for a single webcam session can be reduced by up to 100x versus using general USB redirection for webcams.

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VMware EUC Portfolio: Storage optimization and Performance enhancements in Horizon View 5.2

By Narasimha Krishnakumar, Product Management, End-User Computing

We are excited to announce several new features, which focus on storage optimization and performance improvements with Horizon View 5.2.  The following is a list of product enhancements, which target Horizon View Performance and optimization and deliver lower TCO to our customers.

Space Efficient Virtual Disks: We have introduced a new feature known as Space Efficient Virtual Disks (a.k.a. SEsparse disks), a highly optimized virtual disk format that is applicable to View Composer based linked clones. These virtual disks help reduce the TCO of Horizon View deployments by enabling customers to pay only for storage capacity that is in use. Stay tuned for more details next week, as I will explain how to use Space Efficient Virtual disks in practice.

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