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What’s New in VMware Workspace ONE Nov 2016 Release

Here’s a (pre) Thanksgiving gift to all our VMware Workspace ONE customers, releasing an exciting set of new features generally available for both the cloud and on-premise versions of Workspace ONE. Continue reading

See How Washington Trust Bank Improves Cybersecurity, Reduces Costs & Delivers Better Experiences with VMware Horizon VDI

horizon-vdi-vs-citrix-washington-trust-bankWashington Trust Bank wanted the best VDI platform to improve cybersecurity, reduce costs and deliver better experiences, so they evaluated both Citrix and VMware. They chose VMware.

Imagine for a moment a group of managers sitting in a meeting, using your IT team’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to plan your business’ strategy. Today at Washington Trust Bank, this represents the new way forward. Continue reading

Network Ports in Horizon 7: Diagram Updated

Written in partnership with

Ray Heffer, Global Cloud Architect (End-User-Computing Lead), VMware

Ray Heffer has produced another update to the Network Ports Diagram for Horizon 7. This intricate diagram gives you a lot of vital information in one page. It is not something you will memorize, but it is something that you will refer to often.

Here is the update for the new release. Click the diagram to download the PDF.


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VMware Horizon 7 Instant-Clone Primer—A Behind-the-Scenes Look

In our quest for instant gratification, we have discovered that for some things, “instant” turns out to be a bad idea after all. Instant coffee and instant mashed potatoes, for example, are over-processed and not very tasty—not worth the convenience. But for other things, “instant” is a really great idea—think instant messages and instant clones.

VMware End-User-Computing Technical Marketing is happy to announce the publication of a new white paper, VMware Horizon 7 Instant-Clone Desktops. You might have read in other blog posts and articles that instant clones represent a key technical advance. With this paper that reveals secrets of the underlying technology, you will understand why.

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What’s New in VMware Identity Manager June 2016 Release

We’re excited to announce general availability of following new features to the cloud and on-premises versions of VMware Identity Manager (IDM).

  • VMware Workspace ONE app updates to provide standalone mobile device management (MAM) and adaptive management features
  • One-touch single sign-on (SSO) and device compliance check for Android, Window 10 and Mac operating system (OS) devices
  • VMware Verify built-in, two-factor authentication (available for cloud version only, support for on-premises version coming soon)
  • LDAP Directory support
  • Launch on-premises VMware Horizon View from VMware IDM cloud
  • Simplified outbound-only deployment of the VMware IDM connector (for cloud version)
  • Simplified deployment of Integration Broker for Citrix Integration
  • Additional languages supported

Workspace ONE App Updates

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VMware Horizon Service Installer for NSX – Building Up a Secured Desktop Infrastructure

By Sam Zhao, Manager, End-User-Computing Technical-Marketing Center of Excellence, VMware


Tristan Todd, VMware alumnus

In an earlier blog, A Deep Dive into VMware Horizon 6 with NSX, Tristan Todd, a VMware alumnus, introduced some VMware technologies that offer wide-ranging capabilities and benefits to users, administrators, and business leaders through securing desktop virtualization with VMware NSX and Horizon 6.

As an IT administrator, you might be concerned about the complexity of the architecture, the amount of time needed to configure the NSX components, or understanding the logic of the firewall policy. And you might ask if there is a straightforward way to build up such a secured desktop infrastructure with NSX for Horizon 6 and Horizon 7.

The answer is “Yes,” and we are pleased to announce that version 1.2 of a Fling, the VMware Horizon Service Installer for NSX, is here.

Note: This Fling is only for View VDI in Horizon 6 or Horizon 7, not for Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Desktops.

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Network Ports Diagram Updated for Horizon 7

By Tina de Benedictis, Group Manager, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware


Ray Heffer, Global Cloud Architect (End-User-Computing Lead), VMware

Sometimes VMware gives you something that makes you want to sit by a warm fire and read, along with your favorite beverage. That is exactly what Ray Heffer has produced: the Network Ports Diagram for Horizon 7. This intricate diagram gives you a lot of vital information in one page. It is not something you will memorize, but it is something that you will refer to often.

You may have used the Horizon 6 version of this diagram, and here is the update for the new release. Click the diagram to download the PDF.


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Is VDI Causing You Gray Hair? Virtual SAN and Horizon 6 Can Help!

By Michael Haag, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

Adapted from an earlier blog post on the VMware Virtual Blocks blog site.

Over 2,000 organizations that have deployed VMware Virtual SAN are using VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for all kinds of solutions. These uses range from supporting large Oracle databases, to powering remote IT rooms, to simplifying test and development environments. However, one specific use case is one of the most popular workloads for Virtual SAN: virtual desktops (VDI).


The struggle to find both high-performance and affordable IT infrastructure for VDI, especially in the storage area, is real. A particular storage system can look great on paper or even in a small PoC (proof-of-concept) scenario. The reality can be very ugly: the n+1st user encounters a traditional storage system, and the productivity of all n+1 users comes to a grinding halt. You are then faced with an expensive, second storage purchase, or left to troubleshoot and revisit all your sizing and performance assumptions. The gray hairs multiply as you consider task or knowledge workers, virus-scan timing, desktop-recompose frequency, the numbers and types of drives, and so on. Continue reading

Announcing the Virtual Printing Solutions with View in Horizon 6 White Paper

By Nancy Beckus, Writer and Editor, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

And Judy Wu, Senior Solution Engineer, VMware

The ability to access printers from a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and from hosted application environments is crucial for today’s end users. Usually, each desktop has been configured to access one or more network printers. This is often sufficient, but mobile users might need to connect to their View desktops from different locations, sometimes even from outside the corporate network.

Either way, end users must be able to send print jobs to the nearest available printer, and IT administrators must have an easy way to manage printers and printer drivers.

With VMware Horizon 6, you can achieve both goals with two advanced features for printing from View virtual desktops: printer redirection and location-based printing. Continue reading

Discover What’s New with VMware Horizon 6 Toolbox 2.0

By Shengbo Teng, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, VMware

With contributions from

  • Nan Wang, Staff Engineer, Technical Marketing and Enablement, VMware
  • Sam Zhao, Technical Marketing and Enablement Manager, VMware
  • Peter Zhang, Solution Engineer, Technical Marketing and Enablement, VMware

In an earlier white paper (Explore the VMware Horizon 6 Toolbox Auditing and Remote Assistance Capabilities), we introduced you to VMware Horizon 6 Toolbox—a web portal that acts as an extension to View Administrator in View virtual desktops in Horizon 6. Now we are pleased to announce version 2.0 of the Horizon 6 Toolbox!

We made improvements to the following features in Horizon Toolbox 2.0:

  • Auditing performance
  • Client IP address auditing
  • Remote assistance
  • Console access
  • PowerOn policies
  • Installation file

Auditing Performance

Compared to Horizon Toolbox 1.5, the auditing performance has been enhanced with improved SQL queries. Instead of a left outer join for two tables in the Events database, we now use two separate select queries, which is much faster. Continue reading