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Full Image Management for Windows 10 with VMware Mirage 5.8? Check!

According to TechTarget, 40% of IT professionals are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 this Mirage Overview videoyear. This represents almost 3X the number who were planning to upgrade last year, which was about 14% of IT professionals. It’s clear that enterprises are starting to think about and even beginning to adopt Windows 10.

The VMware Mirage engineering team has been ramping up development to support Windows 10 physical PC management, beginning last year. From the release of Mirage 5.6 in December to Mirage 5.7 a few months ago, we’ve focused on introducing support for managing Windows 10 PCs with minor releases, rather than releasing one major version.

Today, I’m excited to announce the latest release that supports full image management for Windows 10 with Mirage 5.8.

You can download Mirage 5.8, or start a free trial today. Continue reading

8 Most Popular VMware EUC Product Diagrams & Charts, According to Social

Thanks to recent product releases and the expertise of our VMware End-User Computing (EUC) technical and creative teams, we’ve developed some great resources for our @VMwareHorizon social followers in the past month or so. And thanks to social media, we can always tell when we’re providing you, our readers and customers, with the right product news, FAQs and how-to guides.

In case you missed us in your news feed, here are the eight most popular EUC diagrams and charts, according to social:

1. Provisioning Office 365 with VMware App Volumes AppStacks


2. Introducing True SSO (Single Sign-On) in VMware Horizon 7

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Need a Windows 10 Provisioning & Disaster Recovery Strategy? Introducing VMware Mirage 5.7

Can you believe it’s been nearly three months since we released VMware Mirage 5.6? That release signaled the first wave of support for Windows 10 using Mirage, with operating system (OS) migration to Windows 10 being the first use case supported.

Customers can now migrate their Windows 7 physical endpoints to Windows 10 and enjoy all the benefits of OS migration using Mirage, including a built-in safety net using snapshots, minimal end-user downtime and more.

With today’s general availability of Mirage 5.7, customers can broaden their Windows 10 use cases and leverage new features designed to empower next-generation image management across their desktop and point-of-sale (POS) environments.

VMware Mirage 5.7: Windows 10 Provisioning, Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

The top Windows 10 management features our customers ask for are endpoint provisioning, data protection and disaster recovery. Let’s take a look at how IT can use Mirage 5.7 to help with each of these use cases. Continue reading

Accelerate Migration to Windows 10 with Mirage 5.6

By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

Microsoft’s Windows 10 release this past July represented a fundamental shift in how organizations manage endpoints. Managing Windows systems from the classic endpoint management model shifted to an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) model. Microsoft opened up the PC platform to be managed like any other other mobile device (such as smartphones and tablets). Customers needed to start thinking of a new approach to managing future Windows 10 desktops. But before customers can even get to a full EMM approach, they need to be able to migrate their existing Windows 7 environment to a Windows 10 environment.

As the year progressed, more of our customers began looking at this use case. Today, I’m excited to announce that we are helping our customers with their journey to Windows 10 with full operating system (OS) migration support using VMware Mirage 5.6! Continue reading