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VMware Horizon 7 & FlexPod Data Center: Rethinking Desktop Transformation

For six years, enterprises around the world have depended on FlexPod as their converged infrastructure of choice for delivering mission-critical workloads with greater performance, agility and economic value. In the first five years alone, over 6,300 customers deployed the platform, supported by more than 100 validated designs and 1,100-plus partners, who have built their data center practice around this solution.

As more organizations embrace the software-defined data center, we see several paths on how they can get there. One is certainly a “build-your-own” approach that requires the IT team to have deep architectural and operational expertise in sizing workload and building a system for performance that can scale in a linearly predictable way. But it also requires commitment to a sometimes-protracted design and deployment cycle, which can lengthen time-to-service and make ROI more elusive. Most aspire to a cloud-like model that offers the kind of service elasticity and predictable costs typically not found when stitching the required components together.

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AEC Firms Reap the Benefits of Cloud Desktops with NVIDIA GRID & VMware Horizon

Join us at this year’s NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference on April 4-7. See below for details!

By Joanne Clark, Strategic Alliance Manager, Technology Partners, VMware

AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms around the globe utilize VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID to improve collaboration and increase productivity, while making IT more efficient and company data more secure.

Image courtesy of Populous

Image courtesy of Populous

Populous, a global design firm specializing in entertainment and sports arenas, is a great example. The firm’s project list includes Wimbledon, the London Olympic Stadium transformation, T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Philippine Arena in Manila, ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and many more. Populous began to roll out NVIDIA GRID on Horizon over three years ago, and today they are nearly 90% virtualized. The desktop transformation means architects and designers have access to the data they need, regardless of whether they are at a project site, working from home or sitting down with a client. They can pick up a laptop or iPad and quickly pull up the model.

In a recent project in Malaysia, Horizon with GRID enabled drafters in Brisbane to collaborate in real time with client-facing project managers in Singapore. The solution allows Populous to grow the business by adding people, applications and new technologies without increasing its IT staff.

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Take a Closer Look at Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode: Redefining Digital Workspace Delivery

Last month, we announced Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, a brand new cloud service from VMwarwebinar register reminder buttone that combines the best of cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure in a single offering for delivering virtual desktops and apps. This new service is a new approach to desktop and application virtualization that promises to have customers up and running faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

By leveraging a cloud control plane and hyper-converged infrastructure, Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode promises to deliver many of the benefits organizations desired for years, including:

  • Simple out-of-the-box setup to get up and running quickly.
  • Create and scale virtual desktops at cloud speed.
  • Easily and quickly deliver and update applications.
  • Right-sized infrastructure that helps avoid over-provisioning of resources.

To help you learn more about this new offering, I invite you to join my upcoming webcast, where we’ll drill down into the details of the new service.

Redefining Workspace Delivery with the New VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-mode
March 22, 2016
11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST
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vmware horizon air hybrid mode on premises


vGPU-powered GIS Mapping: Data-Driven Decision Making with VMware, NVIDIA & ESRI ArcGIS

Check us out at this year’s NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. See below for details!

Geographic information system (GIS) mapping is the go-to, data-driven approach that organizations across the globe use for informed analysis on everything from real estate and transportation systems to management of natural resources and assessing terrorist threats.

Products like ESRI ArcGIS Pro provide the platform to create, edit, analyze and share nvidia vgpu gis mapping vmware 1information, turning 2D data into 3D visual models for powerful visualization. GPU virtualization has made its way into so many use cases in the enterprise and public sector, spanning everything from airplane designs and cardiology imaging to three-dimensional blueprints for the world’s most popular sporting venues. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss first-hand how one government agency is using this technology in the area of GIS mapping.

Serving over 20 million constituents, the Southwest Florida Water Management District describes their mission as managing the water and related natural resources to ensure its continued availability, while maximizing benefits to the public. Leigh Vershowske, GIS Database and Server Analyst for the district, shared how 3D visual models are core to executing that mission:

“Predictive models are an important tool for understanding how water flows through ground and surface systems as well as how these systems respond to changes in rainfall, surface water runoff and pumping.

“Surface water flow models, for example, are used to identify flood prone areas and 3-D visualizations help demonstrate flooding scenarios to policy makers and homeowners.

“All of this information is used to ensure that there are adequate water supplies for a rapidly growing population and to protect the quality of natural water bodies that are important economic drivers.”

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Taking a Closer Look at Horizon 7: Desktop & App Virtualization Reimagined

Last month, we launched VMware Horizon 7 amidst the groundbreaking backdrop of the digital webinar register reminder buttonworkspace and VMware Workspace ONE. These announcements signal an important evolution in how leading enterprises build, deliver, manage and consume workspace services from cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments.

At the core of enabling the truly digital workspace is VMware’s flagship Horizon 7—a single, unified platform for every application and desktop, optimized for the mobile cloud to deliver new freedom to IT—a feat that previously made desktop and app virtualization untenable for many organizations.

To help you explore what’s new in Horizon 7, we’re offering this short webinar showcasing the most innovative technologies in the release, including:

  • Just-in-time delivery with Instant Clone Technology
  • Smart policies
  • True single sign-on (SSO)
  • Blast Extreme

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4 Leading Colleges & Universities Transform Engineering Programs with VMware Horizon & NVIDIA GRID

Mobile, Immersive & Flexible 3D Graphics Applications on Any Device, Anywhere

by Claude Robinson, director of enterprise software application and healthcare technology partners, End-User Computing, VMware

Gone are the days where college students lugged around heavy backpacks full of books. Now, books and notes fit into small, lightweight mobile devices. In this newly digital world of academia, how does the bring-our-own-device (BYOD) generation untether from college labs to run the engineering industry’s leading 3D software applications from anywhere—on any device?

The world’s leading colleges and universities answer this question by deploying VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID, which combine to deliver hardware GPU-based acceleration for 3D applications on virtual workspaces accessible on any device.

Utilizing the solution from VMware and NVIDIA, universities and colleges can now offer students access to the latest and greatest software on any device from anywhere, freeing leading-edge 3D graphics applications from the confines of a stationary workstation. Now, engineering programs can offer more classes without being tied to physical lab resources or building space. Faculty is freed from troubleshooting technology issues, can teach larger classes and access labs with students from anywhere. Students are now mobile and can collaborate without reserving dedicated lab equipment. IT is freed from managing hardware, operating systems (OS), software upgrades and licensing limitations on lab and student devices. And lastly, colleges are now more competitive by offering a larger set of leading curriculum with the latest enterprise technology.

Over the last few months many of our higher education customers have shared their stories of successfully moving from the traditional, physical lab world to this new mobile model. USC will share their unique story at NVIDIA GTC on April 4-7. Click here to learn more. Continue reading

VMware Instant Clone Technology for Just-In-Time Desktop Delivery in Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition

Just-in-time desktops? Really? Are you kidding me?


What Is Instant Clone Technology?

Instant Clone Technology is all about delivering VDI desktops just in time. For those of you who follow project names, think of vmFork and Project Fargo. Instant Clone Technology allows administrators to rapidly clone and deploy a virtual machine in less time than it took for you to read these two sentences. Yes, that is one clone created per second on average.

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The Next Level of Mobility for VDI

by Gil Shneorson, vice president and general manager, Hyper-Converged Appliance, EMC

Virtual desktops continue to transform organizations of all sizes. We journey from meeting emc vmware hyper converged webinarroom to meeting room, home office to local café, building to building. No matter where we go, our applications and systems need to be with us on any device—but at what effort and cost? Setting up an environment that is secure, cost effective and can scale as your company grows can be a laborious task, one that spans days, weeks or, dare I say, months.

When it comes to VDI, VCE has a converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solution for any size business or application. One hundred users, 500 users, 5,000 users—the breadth of portfolio with Vblocks and hyper-converged appliances and racks can meet all business needs. For a traditional converged infrastructure, Blocks are unrivaled for centralized core data center VDI, and customer successes are numerous with VMware Horizon, but the excitement lately is all about hyper-converged appliances—what about those? Simply put, a hyper-converged appliance is the fastest and easiest way to stand up a software-defined environment. It’s also extremely cost effective and fits a wide variety of applications and workloads, including VDI.

The opportunity today with hyper-converged and VDI has just been elevated. The new release of Horizon 7 brings VDI to a new level. Hyper-converged delivers software-defined simplicity to the data center, and when combined with Horizon 7 and its new hybrid capabilities, VCE solutions can change the way data centers view VDI.

One aspect that is particularly exciting in the new Horizon 7 release is the cloud delivery option: Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode. So let’s look at how we can leverage that new capability in a hyper-converged appliance. In the above example of individuals going from office to office with their devices and applications in tow, this is what just got an upgrade.

Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode installed on a hyper-converged appliance now allows customers to take VDI on the move. For example, imagine a team of geologists heading out to an oil rig to collect data. How effective will they be if their connection back to their apps at corporate HQ is sluggish? Would IT have even attempted to use VDI? The new capabilities of Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode would allow them to switch from hosting their apps back at home to having them hosted on an appliance on the rig itself as a local private cloud. With no need to connect back to home, there will be no need to worry.

The combination of VCE hyper-converged appliances and Horizon 7 are a perfect fit for large enterprises with edge use cases or medium-sized businesses for use in the core data center. The combination of these two powerful solutions provide a compelling reason to make the move to a software-defined data center and VDI. VCE hyper-converged appliances running Horizon are a cost-effective, fast-to-deploy virtual desktop environment, assured to keep organizations on the move and productive.

Learn more about how Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode is taking VDI to the next level here, and don’t forget to tune in on February 16th to see how EMC and VCE are doing the same for hyper-converged appliances!


VMware Customers Accelerate Desktop Transformation in 2015 and Beyond

The year may be coming to a close, but the end user computing market is still ripe with euc blog 2015 look backopportunity. Looking back on 2015, there was no shortage of observations about how the market progressed in just a year, and VMware continues to support and accelerate this wave of transformation. We at VMware are motivated by how our customers are using our technology, and this year we heard from several of our customers about how they use our new Horizon innovations to transform business processes.

One of the best parts of the year has been hearing firsthand from our customers about how they drive desktop transformation with VMware. During VMworld US and VMware Europe, we heard from more than 15 customers, including Auburn University, Societe Generale, Southern New Hampshire University, Telecom Italia and Thales, about their desktop transformation journey. The VMware team is blown away by our customers’ ability to innovate at such as a rapid pace and change the way their industry does business.

NVIDIA is an excellent example of an industry-leading customer accelerating desktop transformation. As a customer and partner, VMware and NVIDIA work closely together to support internal desktop deployments and also enrich the user experience. Continue reading