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Lean Branch Office Joint Solution by Cisco and VMware

by Derek Mitchell, Alliances Partner Architect

There was a lot of buzz around the Lean Branch Office joint solution that was highlighted in the VMware Theater at CiscoLive.  I had a discussion with a gentleman that works for a national chain that is currently struggling with the centralization of apps from branch offices.  He has a mandate to significantly reduce costs and simplify management of hundreds of location into several datacenters across the country.  The good news is that his organization is a customer of both Cisco and VMware, and many of the branch locations currently leverage the ISR G2 technology.  Needless to say, he was extremely excited to learn about the joint offering.

Talk about buzz, look who stopped by the VMware booth to discuss our joint offering.

In the picture, we have Gary Moore (COO, Cisco), Sanjay Katyal (VP Global Alliances, VMware), John Chambers (Chairman & CEO, Cisco), Nitin Brahmankar (Senior Director, Alliances, VMware) & Rick Snyder (Vice President, Global & Strategic Partner Organization, Cisco). 

Lean Branch/Office-In-A-Box

The trend over the last 3-5 years has been all about the centralization of apps and infrastructure. Apps have been moving from the branch office to the datacenter or the cloud and being delivered over the WAN.  This simplifies IT operations, increases resource utilization and drives down costs.

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Paving the Way for VDI

By: Courtney Burry, Director of PMM, VMware End-User Computing BU

In the past several years, many customers have turned to desktop virtualization in an effort to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies.  This year, however, the tide has shifted. In a survey recently conducted by Forrester Research, Inc., and blogged about by David Johnson (Has VDI Peaked? A Change in the Adoption Drivers Sheds New Light, And New Life, April 1, 2013), the number one trigger for customer interest in VDI was actually around the need to support employee access across locations.

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