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What we learned from IGEL Disrupt 23: Innovation, apps, and partners

It’s a wrap! Just a few weeks ago, IGEL’s Disrupt EUC 2023 event took place in Nashville, which followed the EMEA Disrupt EUC (End-User Computing) event in Munich in February. VMware joined Disrupt EUC as a platinum sponsor, and we had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of people at each event’s expo and in breakout sessions, technical bootcamps, and executive meetings. I had a chance to attend Disrupt EUC in Nashville and was blown away by the buzz from the EUC community. As our EUC team reflects back on both events, here are some key insights we gathered from our conversations with customers and partners at Disrupt EUC.   

The demand for innovation in EUC has never been higher   

Multi-cloud, SaaS, Employee Experience, Security, Onboarding, UEM, Edge, DaaS, AI, Hybrid Work, etc. There’s no shortage of trends and technologies that IT departments have to think about to keep their organizations running smoothly. At Disrupt EUC, many vendors showcased their great innovations in each of these areas, but it was clear that as the rate of innovation keeps moving faster, IT departments are going to have an even tougher time keeping up. Sumit Dhawan, President of VMware, closed out Disrupt EUC in Nashville with his keynote on how IT can keep up and deliver a digital workspace to meet employees’ and their company’s requirements. The key is to move away from manual IT processes and toward leveraging data-driven automation that optimizes security and experience. If you didn’t get a chance to attend Disrupt EUC or see Sumit’s keynote, I’d highly recommend watching it here.   

It’s all about the apps, but it should be all about managing the lifecycle of apps 

A major theme coming out of Disrupt EUC centered on the challenges customers continue to face when managing virtual apps, regardless of whether they’re delivered as one-offs through published apps or via VDI or DaaS. The complexities involved in managing and maintaining published app farms, server hosts, desktop pools, OS images, apps, and user entitlements are apparent. Furthermore, most IT admins are focused on app packaging, entitlements, and delivery, so other stages of app lifecycle management that can simplify day-to-day management are often overlooked. We talked to many customers who were looking for ways to optimize management and costs of their VDI, DaaS, and published app environments, whether they were using VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, or other vendor platforms to deliver apps. This is why we developed and launched new Apps on Demand, powered by App Volumes. To see Apps on Demand in action, check out the keynote at Disrupt EUC presented by Terry Vaughn, Director of DaaS Business Development at VMware.

IGEL Disrupt Nashville
Terry Vaughn at Disrupt EUC

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together: the power of an ecosystem  

This African proverb spells out another theme we saw at Disrupt EUC. Similar to the need for an ecosystem within an organization to manage the complexities of the app lifecycle, it takes an ecosystem of tech and service partners to cover the spectrum of desktop and app management challenges customers encounter. We partner with vendors like Rimo3 for testing App Volumes packages for compatibility. At Disrupt EUC, we launched our JustStart program, which allows customers to pilot Apps on Demand through our services partners like e360, Anunta, Kyndryl, and XenTegra. For more information on our partner ecosystem, watch this VMBlog video interview with Terry Vaughn and Brian Ducharme at Disrupt EUC. For partners who would like to sign up for the JustStart program, visit Partner Connect.   

If the excitement at Disrupt EUC was a precursor to the rest of the year, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for EUC! To learn more about VMware, visit To learn more about Application Delivery, visit