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Introducing VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub for VR devices

We recently published a blog on how VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) can help you manage any extended reality (XR) device. And today, we’re excited to announce that VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub — our solution built to extend management for virtual reality (VR) devices — is now generally available (GA)!

Enterprise adoption of VR devices has increased dramatically in recent years, with organizations seeing tremendous value in using the technology for immersive training, visualization, productivity, and customer experiences. However, VR devices present a new and unique interaction paradigm, and to make VR work for enterprise use cases, organizations need to be able to control the end-user experience.

While Workspace ONE UEM enables you to effortlessly stage, manage, and deploy apps to XR devices, Workspace ONE XR Hub allows you to lock down and customize VR devices with advanced customization options and identity and access controls. Regardless of which VR devices or apps your organization relies on, Workspace ONE XR Hub ensures you can deliver a consistent enterprise experience that’s easy for your employees or customers to use.

Create an enterprise-grade end-user experience for VR devices

Workspace ONE XR Hub helps improve the user experience for VR headsets in multiple ways:

  • Support any use case at scale: Remotely configure Workspace ONE XR Hub directly from the Workspace ONE UEM console to support a consistent enterprise user experience across the latest VR devices from HTC VIVE, Meta, and PICO.
  • Customize the user experience: Lock devices into a secure, unified app catalog and customize the user experience to match your brand’s unique look and feel. Upload an instructional video that automatically appears the first time a user logs into the device. Give users access to the key device settings they need directly within Workspace ONE XR Hub.
  • Support shared devices: Allow multiple users to log into a single device using their corporate credentials with check-in/check-out, for a personalized VR experience.
  • Support any use case at scale: Stream and enable access to high-fidelity PC VR apps for simulation and visualization use cases with Workspace ONE XR Hub and NVIDIA CloudXR.
  • Ensure enterprise security and any app access: Ensure devices are secure with directory integration, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and conditional access, and enable single sign-on (SSO) into any app, including Workspace ONE XR Hub, native VR and WebXR apps, and non-VR web, SaaS, and virtual apps.

Top use cases for Workspace ONE XR Hub

Here are just five of the many use cases Workspace ONE XR Hub supports:

  • Empower employees with VR for training: VR has revolutionized enterprise training. Not only is it more immersive, but it’s also safer and more effective. Workspace ONE XR Hub enables you to completely control the employee experience by giving workers SSO access to all your training apps and content from a single app catalog.
  • Consolidate management silos: Using a different management solution for your XR deployments is complex and costly. Workspace XR Hub is fully integrated with Workspace ONE UEM, so you can stage, manage, and support VR devices and apps — as well as control the user experience — alongside your existing mobile and laptop deployments, from a single console at scale.
  • Deliver high-fidelity VR: While PC VR apps offer higher fidelity graphics for immersive experiences, they require expensive, fixed-location workstations. Workspace ONE XR Hub and NVIDIA CloudXR allow you to stream any PC VR app to a standalone VR device, so you can cut costs and deliver high-fidelity experiences to any location at scale.
  • Enhance employee productivity with MR: With high-definition mixed reality (MR) passthrough, today’s VR devices are unlocking new ways of working by blending the physical and digital. With passthrough mode, Workspace ONE XR Hub allows you to run multiple digital screens and apps, alongside your physical monitors and keyboard, to create a more productive and immersive workspace.
  • Transform customer experiences with VR: Whether used for product simulation or entertainment, companies are increasingly turning to VR to provide customers with unique and powerful experiences. With Workspace ONE XR Hub, lock devices into kiosk mode and create a fully branded 3D environment to take VR customer experiences to new heights.

At VMware, we get that VR deployments have unique management requirements and creating a positive user experience can be difficult. That’s why we’ve maintained a rapid pace of innovation to ensure that you can deliver an enterprise-grade, consumer-simple VR user experience with Workspace ONE XR Hub.

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