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Introducing enhanced search for data-driven profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM console

As unified endpoint management (UEM) has evolved over the last decade, device management policies available across operating systems have grown significantly. The sheer number of policies available makes discovering or finding specific settings difficult. To assist with discoverability, we introduced a new profile management framework, offering a more intuitive user experience — including bringing search front and center.  

With Workspace ONE UEM 2302, we’re proud to announce that we’ve enhanced search for profiles even further in the Workspace ONE UEM console. With the new enhanced search for profiles, we overhauled the traditional search process to provide more accurate, relevant, and comprehensive results to enable administrators to find what they’re looking for much faster.  

From search for payload to search for anything 

Administrators can now enter a search string and get results across the entire profile, including the number of results within each payload. Search results are shown based on name of the setting, the setting description, tooltips, payload names, and even platform tags — dramatically improving discoverability of device management capabilities. 

For example, if you’d like to understand which network-related policies are available on iOS, a search result for “network” shows a list of payloads with policies containing that search term, including the number of policies that match the search term within each payload.

EnhancedSearch Image 1

Clicking on a specific payload within the search result, such as “Global HTTP Proxy,” highlights specific policies within that payload that match the search string. 

EnhancedSearch Image 2

Discovering new policy updates on specific operating system versions is easier than ever. For example, searching for “Android 11” will highlight all policies tagged with that operating system version. 

Next steps  

Enhanced search in profiles will be available on platforms that are using the updated data-driven profile user experience, which currently include Android and tvOS. The new profile experience is currently being rolled out in SaaS for iOS and macOS.  

For more information about adding a profile, see this document and the release notes