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The new App Volumes 4 evaluation guide is here!

This article was originally published at the VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone Blog.

As an IT administrator and product evaluator, you can now use the Evaluation Guide for App Volumes 4 to find out how App Volumes complements the VMware End-User Computing portfolio with real-time application delivery and application lifecycle management.  

The complete guide (32 PDF pages) contains 11 embedded videos, each two to seven minutes, that you can refer to for basic deployment and management tasks. 

Some of the App Volumes benefits that the guide covers include: 

  • Separation of package management from application delivery through flexible assignments, which allows for quick response to user requests. 
  • Flexible delivery of applications to users, groups, and devices without changing the existing infrastructure, thereby reducing infrastructure costs. 
  • Management of the full application lifecycle by updating a new version and publishing it through a workflow. 

Key exercises in the guide focus on the App Volumes and VMware Horizon integration feature called Horizon Published Apps on Demand. Step-by-step procedures and videos show you how to create App Volumes packages for RDSH servers and then hook them up to a Horizon server farm. 

You can also find all the demo videos from the Evaluation Guide for App Volumes 4 in a YouTube playlist called App Volumes Evaluation Guide