VMware Workspace ONE Employee Experience

Boosting productivity with Workspace ONE Content

VMware Workspace ONE Content enables secure mobile access to information on any device, anywhere, as part of the Anywhere Workspace solution and in support of today’s hybrid workforces. Workspace ONE Content also protects sensitive data in a corporate container and provides employees with a central application to securely access, distribute, and collaborate on the latest documents.  

In a hybrid work model, employees have access to work-related confidential documents on their personal but corporate managed devices, or on their corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) devices. As a result, it becomes crucial for organizations to acknowledge the need for security and compliance and to ensure that confidential information remains secure and confidential — without slowing down collaboration and productivity.  

With the right productivity apps at their fingertips, employees get more done, faster, from anywhere. Whether it is a secure email client like Boxer, or Workspace ONE Web, employees are more productive when they can access their work easily without having to remember numerous passwords. With Workspace ONE Content, workers can access and share content at any time across different repositories, use quick edits and annotations, and search and locate favorite content. Read on to learn how Workspace ONE Content aids employee collaboration and productivity as they navigate today’s world of hybrid work

Introducing the Workspace ONE Content features that can boost productivity 

Workspace ONE Content gives users secure and reliable access to corporate content on their mobile devices, with flexible storage options in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid deployments. These features help to ensure security and improve productivity. 

With Workspace ONE Content, app users can view, edit, and share files securely with encryption enabled at all endpoints. For enterprise admins, the Workspace ONE Content app provides very detailed DLP settings, allowing them to ensure data privacy, security, and compliance. 

Here are four main features of Workspace ONE Content. 

Advanced DLP controls for admins to ensure privacy of documents 

Workspace ONE Content allows admins to have strict control over documents so that they can ensure security and compliance. Admins can control what applications a document can be opened in, decide if that document can be shared via email or not, set passwords on documents, enable/disable device local storage, and add watermarks. To set the advanced DLP settings, admins can navigate to Settings in the Content tab, or navigate to the Group & Settings tab > All Settings > Apps > Settings & Policies > Security Policies. 

Content Settings

Single point of access for all the user or admin managed repositories 

Knowledge workers often use different repositories for different purposes, and it becomes very tedious for admins to allow them to securely access content from various repositories, such as NFS, SharePoint (on prem or online), OneDrive, Google Drive, or WebDAV. The Workspace ONE Content app allows enterprise users to access their documents from various repositories in a single space. This capability reduces the security overhead from admins, and it also provides ease of access to users, saving them valuable time.

All Files

Advanced file management 

Workspace ONE Content allows users to manage their documents. Users have a separate tab to access their favorite files. Users also have separate sections to access new files, files marked to review, or featured files within the For You tab. Also, users can find recently accessed content in the Activities tab, making it simple to see documents that were recently worked on or completed, or that are in progress. 

For You files

Boxer files for securely saving and sending documents 

Employees often share important and confidential information in emails that they may want to save for later use. With the integration of Workspace ONE Content with Boxer, now enterprises can allow their users to securely save and send attachments. The content is encrypted at all the endpoints, ensuring security and no data loss. 

Recently Opened files

Workspace ONE Content provides a single point of access to all the major repositories. For this reason, it can be used by employees across enterprises to securely access their company’s confidential information. Content users can annotate documents, add comments, highlight, and present directly from Workspace ONE Content, increasing productivity and decreasing the risk of documents or data being leaked, as the files securely remain within the app.  

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