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Workspace Security and Digital Employee Experience, intertwined: Conclusions from VMware Explore 2022 Europe

VMware Explore 2022 Europe took place in November, and it was a transformational experience with rooms filled with customers, partners, and colleagues celebrating being back together again — or meeting for the first time. My colleague, Jack Madden, described the event as “having a very energetic feeling” in his blog

We made several end-user computing (EUC) announcements at the conference, which are detailed in our overview blog. If you missed our Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and Workspace Security sessions in person, don’t worry. I have you covered here!  

My top 5 takeaways from Explore Europe: Digital Employee Experience and Workspace Security  

1. Digital employee experience (DEX) and frictionless security must operate in tandem. 

Who has solved remote working? Our customers shared they have indeed solved remote working, but they have not perfected it. In “Elevating Employee Experience and Security for Your Hybrid Workforce [EUSB4004EUR]” we learned why our panelists feel that DEX is the perfect end state of remote working, whereas Zero Trust security is the frictionless architecture underpinning the employee experience. View this recorded session for more insights. 

2. Things can be simple and complex at the same time.  

We have been growing with our customers over the past two years, learning about workspace management for the distributed workforce. Our mission is to keep end users happy — wherever they are, on whatever device they choose — all while helping IT teams manage complexity well so they can deliver on business needs. But are employees really happy? Yes. This session, “Tales From the Trenches: How the VMware Anywhere Workspace Exceeds Employees’ Expectations [EUSB2407EUR],” shares how the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform simply takes care of onboarding, enrollment, and the complexities of vulnerability management to secure the workspace while delivering a great user experience.  

3. Engage employees in your mission. 

Most frontline workers today want to understand the mission of the company and be a part of the culture. It has become more important for companies to be able to communicate their culture and how their employees’ work contributes to the overall mission. This session, “On the Front Lines: Grow Your Business & Improve DEX for Frontline Workers [EUSB1858EUR],” covers how VMware Workspace ONE helps engage frontline workers on any device, anywhere, any time — no matter if the device is shared, corporate-owned, or employee-owned. 

4. Many organizations and people overlook mobile security.  

We use our mobile phones for work and play, yet our devices don’t have security filters — sometimes because of GDPR or privacy laws. VMware is addressing this with Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense, UEM-integrated advanced mobile threat protection that is easy to deploy and manage in alignment with security teams. According to our Mobile Threat Defense technology partner, Lookout, every day one enterprise user in fifty receives phishing attempts on a mobile device. Plus, a shocking 87% of mobile phishing occurs outside of email. Watch this session, “Mobile Security: Areas of Risk to Address [EUSB2883EUR],” to learn about the mobile attack surface, which includes messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Spotify — and even those free ads to get extra lives when gaming.  

5. User experience and security can be improved simultaneously. 

Improvements to user experience — including conditional access, passwordless mobile single sign-on (SSO), and self-service — are part of the journey to Zero Trust. Don’t know where to start? Expert panelists in this session, “How Can Great User Experience Improve Security? [EUS1350EUR],” have specific ideas, beginning with access. They also cover win–win situations where you can evaluate and deliver a better user experience and enhance security, on any device. 

These takeaways from the highlighted sessions and more await in the valuable VMware Explore 2022 Europe content that is available on demand in our Video Library, for your viewing pleasure. Simply log in with your Explore credentials or create a free account. 

To hear more about the Workspace Security, Digital Employee Experience, and other Anywhere Workspace solutions, watch the on-demand recording of our EUC Keynote in Barcelona.

Reach out to us when you’re ready to learn firsthand how we deliver modern management, security, and DEX as part of the Anywhere Workspace platform.