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Workspace ONE, Horizon, and Anywhere Workspace news from VMware Explore 2022 Europe

VMware Explore 2022 Europe is this week, and today the end-user computing team is excited to make a range of announcements across VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Horizon, and the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform. These announcements are in addition to our EUC announcements from VMware Explore US

You can read the VMware Explore 2022 Europe EUC press release for an overview, and get more details from the blogs below. 

Attendees can also learn more from our solutions keynote, “Setting the North Star for a Hybrid Work World“; the breakout session “What’s New in Anywhere Workspace” with Shawn Bass; and the rest of our EUC breakout sessions

For those keeping up online, videos of the sessions will be posted throughout the week. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Our journey to autonomous workspaces: VMware Explore 2022 update

At VMworld Explore US, we introduced the concept of autonomous workspaces. This is a guiding principle, rather than a specific product, similar to how we have had unification and automation as our guiding principles. Autonomous workspaces represent an evolution from rules-based automations that are defined by IT, to context-based actions that are powered by data science to proactively maintain desired state with little to no human intervention. With this concept, we are striving towards workspaces that are self-configuring, self-healing, and self-securing. 

Workspace ONE expands DEX with management-agnostic support for Windows devices 

VMware’s digital employee experience (DEX) solution includes the full range of capabilities needed for end-to-end experiences, including delivering, measuring, analyzing, and — when needed — remediating experiences. This solution is available for all types of scenarios, from frontline devices to hybrid workers to VMware Horizon. Today, we are announcing support for Workspace ONE Intelligence Digital Employee Experience Management on unmanaged or third-party managed Windows devices, available in tech preview. This gives a unified DEX solution for customers who may not be ready to move their Windows devices to modern management, or organizations that may have multiple management solutions. This joins a range of other DEX capabilities, including Workspace ONE Assist and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, that work across a broad range of device types and management scenarios.

Introducing Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense Phishing and Content Protection beta

Earlier this year, we announced Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense, and today’s announcement builds on that with protection against phishing on mobile devices, in beta soon. Almost everyone today has experienced the rise in mobile phishing. These threats come not only in email, but also via text messages, social media, gaming apps, payment apps, and third-party messaging platforms. Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense Phishing and Content Protection will address these threats.

Announcing VMware collaboration with Microsoft to bring new experiences to Windows 365

VMware has long partnered with Microsoft to deliver desktop deployment solutions. Continuing on this, VMware Horizon will expand the collaboration to include Windows 365. Windows 365 provides an easy-to-deploy Cloud PC with a personalized experience. VMware Horizon will bring the Blast display protocol, with rich support for peripherals and enhanced employee experience. Horizon also offers the ability to deploy Windows 365 Cloud PCs alongside Horizon 8 on premises, Horizon 8 on VMware Cloud, and Horizon Cloud on Azure deployments.

Announcing Freestyle Orchestrator integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence and third-party apps

Freestyle Orchestrator, our low-code, canvas-based orchestration platform, will be expanding beyond its roots in device management to now cover the Anywhere Workspace platform much more broadly, via support for Workspace ONE Intelligence and third-party apps via API integrations. This means that customers will be able to integrate and automate processes such as procurement, ticketing, app approvals, remediating issues, and many more. Support for Intelligence and third-party apps is expected in tech preview soon.

What’s new with VMware Horizon at VMware Explore 2022 Europe?

At VMware Explore US we announced the availability of the Horizon Cloud next-gen platform, with support for Microsoft Azure. Today, we are announcing that Horizon 8 on-prem and cloud customers using new Horizon SaaS subscriptions will be able to connect their environments to the Horizon Cloud next-gen control plane, to give unified management benefits.

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