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Announcing Freestyle Orchestrator integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence and third-party apps

Our customers are constantly looking to increase automation to deliver value faster, simplify processes, and free up IT personnel time to handle more complex and high-value tasks. Freestyle Orchestrator, our low-code orchestration platform, gives admins the flexibility to automate any complex task at scale.  

Since we released Workspace ONE Freestyle Orchestrator earlier this year, we heard great feedback from our customers, who are enthusiastically building workflows to achieve a variety of business outcomes. We launched Freestyle Orchestrator with support for Windows and Mac, and to date have recorded more than 30 million successful workflow executions. And we have only just started! 

Two months ago, at VMware Explore 2022 US in San Francisco, we announced Freestyle Orchestrator support for mobile devices, specifically for iOS and Android Enterprise, in addition to Windows and Mac. When available, this will enable our customers to expand their use cases and do more interesting things such as consistent device onboarding and offboarding, complex app entitlements with sequencing, and automation of crucial mobile processes like device lifecycle management and Tunnel and VPN setup. Today, those tasks are often still based on legacy processes, involve manual work and scripts with various degrees of success, and are time consuming. The power and flexibility of Freestyle Orchestrator will enable our customers to build any complex workflows with predictable and known outcomes.  

Support for Workspace ONE Intelligence and third-party apps 

While we started with Freestyle Orchestrator within and for Workspace ONE UEM, that was never meant to be the end state. Today at VMware Explore 2022 Europe, we are announcing that we will bring Workspace ONE Intelligence automations and third-party integrations into Freestyle Orchestrator, which will function as a single, unified cloud canvas. This is expected to be in Tech Preview soon. 

What this means is that when building a workflow, in addition to pulling data from UEM or performing UEM actions, you can also pull contextual data from Workspace ONE Intelligence or perform a third-party action via API integrations. And you can do it all in a consistent way and from a centralized location. You’ll have one powerful, flexible, and intuitive low-code platform to manage all your IT workflows across the board.  

With Freestyle Orchestrator you will be able to easily create automation workflows that run across your IT ecosystem, leveraging your investments in third-party tools. Most common use cases for this include opening a helpdesk ticket, provisioning applications with app approval flow and based on the right user roles, and remediating  issues when they arise.  

Let’s look at a business process like procurement. Freestyle Orchestrator can use contextual signals of battery health for a frontline worker’s rugged device from Workspace ONE Intelligence. Then, based on this data, it proactively triggers a ticket in Coupa to procure a replacement battery before a hardware failure on the field.; Freestyle Orchestrator also notifies the user through Slack that a replacement is on the way. There is a lot of power in automating workflows that span beyond a single tool and across multiple IT systems. The possibilities are endless, and this is just the beginning of our journey.  

Workspace ONE cloud marketplace 

To take this a step further, at VMware Explore we also introduced a cloud marketplace in Workspace ONE, available through the Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub. The marketplace will include a collection of solutions, templates, scripts, and resources for you to leverage right out of the box. This will not only save you time and speed up value realization from Workspace ONE, but over time it will also enable you to take advantage of top resources and solutions from peers. Eventually these marketplace items will not come just from us; they will also be made available from our partners and from you, our customers.  

To learn more, join our session at VMware Explore 2022 Europe titled “Going Big with Freestyle Orchestration: Overview and What’s Coming Next [EUSB2935EUR]” to hear about Freestyle Orchestrator from Brian Link, Senior Director of Product Management.  

I also recommend watching our recorded session of “Gone Wild: Freestyle Orchestrator Success Stories and What’s Coming Next” from VMware Explore 2022 US. In the session, Crate and Barrel technology engineer Alexander Savitt talks about how he uses Freestyle Orchestrator and how it has benefited their IT operations. 

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