VMware Workspace ONE Announcements

Announcing the end of product availability and support for Workspace ONE AirLift

This articlewas originally published at the VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone Blog. We have added an introduction by Lisa Matragrano, EUC product line marketing manager. 

To ease customers’ transition from traditional to modern management and simplify co-management, we introduced Workspace ONE AirLift in 2018. To say a lot has changed since AirLift launched four years ago would be a gross understatement. Today’s organizations have evolved. They prefer to skip co-management and adopt cloud-native modern management from the onset.  

During that time, Workspace ONE, too, continued to evolve. Now, the functionality provided by AirLift is more effectively provided by Baselines for policy configurations and APIs for uploading Windows applications to Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). For these reasons, we are announcing the end of life (EOL) of Workspace ONE AirLift. Both product availability and support will end on October 31, 2022. (For details, see the knowledge base article “End of Life for Workspace ONE AirLift (89506).”) 

For information about these alternatives to AirLift, see: 

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AirLift EOL 

For more information about AirLift, see the knowledge base article, KB: End of Life for Workspace ONE AirLift (89506)