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Why frontline workers crave a digital workspace solution

Frontline workers can be found across numerous industries, including retail, healthcare, and the supply chain sector — such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and logistics. Some estimate frontline workers account for more than 60 percent of the global workforce, while others argue it’s closer to 80 percent. Regardless, they play an essential role everywhere in our society. 

McKinsey predicts both a talent upside and a downside within the frontline worker landscape. “Companies that are able to create a winning value proposition will have access to a surplus of quality candidates from a larger talent pool than ever before; those that fail to appeal to frontline talent will find themselves with a large — and growing — deficit.”

This “deficit” might be more recognizable as what’s being called the “Great Resignation” — the talent crisis of this decade. It’s a problem, but there are also solutions for forward-thinking leaders to consider. 

McKinsey’s consultants suggest that an employee value proposition must define the unique promise made to workers regarding the experiences and benefits they can expect to receive. 

To learn how successful employers improve the work environment, they conducted a series of surveys and interviews of frontline workers across industries and roles. McKinsey defined five themes that stood out among employers as the most effective at responding to priority needs.

That said, based upon my own research, I’d add a sixth compelling business goal to the list. 

Deliver a modern digital employee experience (DEX) 

Unlike knowledge workers, frontline workers aren’t assigned to a desk, are sometimes shift-based, and may report to a jobsite or are out in the field. They rely on mobile devices, which enable them to access the information, apps, and people they need to perform their work. 

These devices are considered mission critical because they’re essential to the success of the task or operation at hand. And when they fail, the frontline workers who rely on them can’t do their jobs, which can quickly impact an organization’s top-line revenue or bottom-line profit. 

Today, it’s vital that business leaders determine which modern device types and productivity apps are best suited for boosting frontline worker efficiency, by streamlining workflows and minimizing downtime across all use cases that impact the essential digital employee experience

Why is a superior DEX solution so important to job satisfaction? While the average annual employee turnover rate is currently estimated at 19 percent, frontline worker occupations often have higher attrition, with some experiencing 100 percent turnover. 

Today’s workforce is tech savvy, and bold leaders are raising the bar to deliver engaging and end user-friendly digital experiences that employees crave. Discover how some leaders are empowering frontline workers in this video. 

The business case for prioritizing frontline DEX  

How can your organization begin to digitally empower all frontline workers across your business? You can harness the full potential of mobile devices — such as smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices — with a Digital Workspace solution that dramatically improves engagement and enhances employee experience. 

How can you ensure that any employee can productively work from anywhere? Create an environment where your frontline workers, and the IT teams that support them, focus on the higher-value aspects of their jobs by utilizing remote support tools and intelligent automation

Your organization can join the global leaders whose frontline workers are equipped with a modern digital workspace solution, enabled to quickly complete routine or complex tasks. 

Review customer case studies and learn how they achieved a desired business outcome. 

Then, when you’re ready, contact us for a free initial consultation and request assistance to outline a business case for your specific frontline worker use-case scenario.  

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