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Expanding the VMware and AWS collaboration with VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Just a few weeks ago at VMware Explore, I presented a session called “What’s New in Anywhere Workspace.” In that session, I showcased many new innovations in our VMware Horizon solution, including enhancements to our VMware Blast protocol, next-generation hybrid cloud support, and improvements in scalability. Another key announcement was our collaboration with Amazon Web Services for Horizon on Amazon WorkSpaces. I encourage you to watch the recording to see how our Horizon 8 platform can bring the power of our Blast protocol to Amazon WorkSpaces. We’re partnering to provide an optimized user experience for Amazon WorkSpaces end users across devices, locations, media, and network connections. Customers can also benefit from the hybrid cloud virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management capabilities of Horizon 8, from on-premises to Amazon WorkSpaces.  

Today, we are excited to build on our collaboration with Amazon to provide even more flexibility and choice for desktop and app virtualization infrastructure with Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces Core integration. In addition to deploying Horizon virtual desktops on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS, when available, customers will be able to also deploy Horizon virtual desktops on Amazon WorkSpaces and on Amazon WorkSpaces Core. Amazon WorkSpaces Core extends Amazon WorkSpaces services by providing a set of new APIs that can be used for integrations by partners like VMware to seamlessly provision and manage Amazon WorkSpaces Core capacity.  

What does this future integration mean to you? As a joint customer, you will be able to enjoy the best of what VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces Core have to offer. This integration will deliver the optimized user experience that enterprise VDI customers have enjoyed with Horizon and Blast protocol, the simplicity of native cloud capacity provided by Amazon WorkSpaces Core, and the flexibility to choose and customize VDI deployments on-premises or desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) on Amazon within the same hybrid environment. Best of all, everything mentioned can be done from a single pane of glass on Horizon with end-to-end management workflows, at scale. You will be able to manage all your routine day-to-day workflows from Horizon, while Amazon WorkSpaces provides the underlying capacity management through the APIs.   

And as WorkSpaces Core continues to reduce costs based on eliminating some infrastructure and protocol requirements, joint customers can seamlessly enjoy these benefits as they become available.  

We’re excited to collaborate with Amazon and look forward to sharing more updates when they are available. To learn more now, reach out to your VMware sales representative.