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VMware Workspace ONE UEM is ready for Android 13

Google announced the rollout of Android 13 to Pixel devices this week, and we’re ready for it. The Workspace ONE Team is excited to support management of Android 13 devices in enterprise. With Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 22.07, you can now enroll and manage Android 13 devices through Workspace ONE UEM. 

What to expect with Android 13 

Android 13 brings many improvements and features that add value to enterprise users, such as: 

  • Less unwanted notifications, more focus. Android 13 reduces UX clutter by introducing a new runtime permission for notifications. By empowering users to choose what applications post notifications to their device, Android 13 creates a streamlined, focused mobile experience. When notifications are critical to business operations, organizations can still leverage Workspace ONE UEM policies to silently send notifications to applications. 
  • Smarter power management. Android 13 extends the battery life of devices by improving the logic by which it places applications in the “Restricted” App Standby Bucket. Applications that excessively use system resources or go unused for extended periods of time are added to this bucket. The OS places a daily cap on the system resources for applications in the “Restricted” bucket. 
  • Security logging expansion. With Android 13, SecurityLog captures more events relating to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. With this additional output, Android meets the Common Criteria Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals

Android 13 also improves support for tablets and large-screen devices, adds per-app language preferences, and more. Here’s a full list of Android 13 features.  

At VMware, we are very excited to see how Android 13 will continue to elevate the mobile enterprise experience going forward. For more information on Workspace ONE support for Android 13 and to get the latest updates from our team, please subscribe to Getting Ready for Android 13 (88379).  

Google will continue to roll out Android 13 to more devices. To learn more about the key changes for enterprise coming with Android 13, check out Google documentation for this release: