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Enjoy a full menu of digital employee experience content at VMware Explore 2022

Are you excited about your San Francisco trip to VMware Explore 2022? Now is the time to plan your visit to our beautiful city. If you love food, my top three must-eats to enjoy are sourdough bread, Mission-style burritos, and oysters. Dungeness crab won’t be in season just yet. Sorry! 

Back to planning your VMware Explore 2022 trip! In case you didn’t know, the content catalog is live, and you can now register for the general session, solutions keynotes, and our digital employee experience (DEX) breakout sessions. For a sneak peek at the EUC-focused keynotes, tracks, and sessions, read our guide.  

Now on to a full menu of digital employee experience content at Explore! The rise of hybrid and remote work has customers asking us: How can we meaningfully communicate, collaborate, and connect with employees beyond video calls? These goals are fundamental to the digital employee experience. In our Explore sessions, you’ll see examples of all these components coming together to provide a great employee experience — from onboarding to offboarding.  

Here are some of our in-person DEX sessions and the amazing customer and partner speakers we have lined up for you. 

Delivering Amazing Experiences with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub [EUSB2019US] 

Speakers: Partheeban Kandasamy, Senior Product Manager, VMware, and Rob Seemann, SVP, Product Strategy & Innovation, Vox Mobile 

The employee lifecycle and employee retention are gaining attention at companies around the world. Learn how amazing employee experiences can improve both. Hear Rob, from partner Vox Mobile, share how they’re using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to help customers build a modern, fully digital workspace experience by shifting left, replacing legacy infrastructure, introducing change management, and more.  

Digital Employee Experience Journey for Workspace ONE UEM and Horizon Customers [EUSB2021US] 

Speakers: Scott Kelley, Director, Product Management, VMware, and Daniel Sellers, Platform Engineer, Chick-fil-A 

Measuring and analyzing employee experience is a critical component of any DEX solution. In this session we’ll present what’s new with our Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence. Daniel will join us to talk about how Chick-fil-A manages employee experience across their Mac fleet.  

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) 101 [EUSB2017US] 

Speakers: Nick Brouillette, Product Line Manager, and Jimmy Kacius, Technical Account Manager, VMware; and Craig Adams, Technical Lead for a U.S.-headquartered financial services and insurance company

You’ll learn all you need to know about DEX in this session. And we’re thrilled to have Craig join us to share his journey of choosing an intelligence-driven platform to improve the employee experience, from a financial services industry perspective. 

Shift to Proactive IT with Workspace ONE [EUSB2023US] 

Speakers: Pooja Chengappa, Group Product Line Manager, VMware; Jeremy Fink, End User Services, and Will Denham, Director, EUC IT, Change Healthcare  

Today’s service desks are inundated with incidents and service requests, so it’s critical that organizations change from reactive to proactive IT with a modern support model that optimizes productivity, efficiency, and resiliency. Learn how Jeremy and Will from Change Healthcare were able to proactively remediate issues before they became problems by deploying Workspace ONE Intelligence DEEM. 

Online-only breakouts 

In addition to the in-person breakout sessions, there are seven pre-recorded sessions that you can access whenever you want, without moving from one room to the next. 

Meet the experts  

Bring your questions to the “meet the experts” sessions and learn more about delivering a digital employee experience solution at your organization. Don’t forget about the hands-on labs, too, which are a great way to dive in and learn more about the Workspace ONE capabilities you’ll hear about in the sessions. 

I hope you like your personalized tasting menu of the DEX breakout sessions at VMware Explore 2022. Register and start planning today. See you in San Francisco! 

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