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The Dynamic Environment Manager Condition Engine – Ron’s Cool Feature of the Week

Welcome to the second edition of the Ron’s Cool Feature video series. In this series, I talk with VMware Product Managers, Engineers, and Field Engineers to dig in and find cool and (sometimes overlooked) features within our product stacks. (See my author profile for more.)

This week I chat with Tom Campbell, a Senior Solutions Engineer, and EUC rockstar that works in the field with our customers and sales teams. Tom tells us about Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) and specifically its condition engine for managing the users’ environment. 

Dynamic Environment Manager offers a solution for managing user settings and configurations that are typically found in the Windows Profile. It combines the managing application and persona settings with reduced impact at login, and a personalized desktop experience across any Windows desktop environment. Tom shows up the condition engine that allows administrators to control the application settings loaded into the desktop while reducing impact to login times, reducing support calls due to profile or application issues and ensuring a stable application environment for the users.

If you’re struggling with configuration application settings based on groups, locations protocols used, or any other “condition,” or you are just tired of the hassle of roaming profiles, you are going to want to check this out and give it a spin:

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