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Take your digital workspace to the next level with experience workflows for Workspace ONE powered by Boomi

We are excited to announce our new experience workflows capability in VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is now generally available! Let’s learn more about what it is, why you should use it, and how to get started.

What are experience workflows?

For employees, experience workflows are micro-apps integrated directly into Intelligent Hub, the digital workspace app for users to access all their apps and services for work. This empowers employees to act on third-party system business processes right in Intelligent Hub, on any device, without having to context switch between multiple apps. Employees can triage, prioritize, and act in a single view without having to switch between multiple applications.

For IT, experience workflows is a SaaS service built on Boomi iPaaS (integration platform as a service). Shifting from code-heavy, developer-focused mobile flows, experience workflows leverages a no-code/low-code framework where IT can easily build, customize, and deploy micro-apps to their employees through Intelligent Hub to engage them throughout the employee lifecycle from onboarding and beyond. Use case examples include manager approvals, onboarding tasks, survey requests, and other repeatable processes that require employee input.

We believe that integrating experience workflows as a part of your employees’ unified digital workspace application helps complete the experience you deliver to employees – to ensure they are engaged and productive from any device, no matter where they choose to work, customized to their needs. Experience workflows is the newest generation of our capabilities for integrating third-party systems into Intelligent Hub, and there are a number of benefits both to the employee and to IT.

Watch how experience workflows powers employees to get work done from anywhere efficiently and securely.

Why should you choose experience workflows to empower your anywhere workforce?

  • Hundreds of connectors – Choose what third party system you want to connect to for your experience workflows without having to build it from scratch. This catalog makes it simple for customers to build out a workflow on top of the systems they’ve aligned on in the organization. VMware has made available out of the box experience workflows for common approvals that can be deployed with no additional customization required. But, for some, customization is required and that takes us to our second advantage.
  • Simple customization available – Leverage the no-code/low-code framework as a part of the Boomi service to easily build and deploy your own micro-apps, no coding needed.
  • Built on Boomi – Boomi iPaaS is an industry leader. Leverage their expertise and enterprise readiness as a part of the Workspace ONE platform. Deploy pre-built workflows or build your own, so that employees can securely access the information and tasks they need to stay productive from anywhere on any device. Boomi’s architecture allows for a completely SaaS deployment, or for on-prem connectors to be hosted by the customer to connect to on-prem business apps.
  • Available on all platforms from day one – Experience workflows can be deployed on any device – iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10, or on a web browser.

What are the next steps to get started?

  • Check out TechZone for a feature walk-through and technical overview of experience workflows, and other great digital workspace and Intelligent Hub content!
  • Customers with an existing SaaS tenant of Workspace ONE Access can request a trial activation. Hub services will need to be activated if not already. Contact your local sales representative or email with your contact details for more information.
  • Experience workflows is available as an add-on for SaaS Workspace ONE customers. Contact your account representative for more information.
  • With the introduction of experience workflows, we have announced end of life plans for Workspace ONE mobile flows. See KB article 86034 for more.

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