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One of my passions is sharing knowledge about end-user computing. So today, I’m publishing the first version of a guide with all of our favorite resources and articles, as well as a very brief introduction to VMware Workspace ONE. 

This article is for people that might be newer to EUC or just learning about VMware’s offerings, or anyone that could use handy guide to refer to. I plan to update it periodically, so go ahead and bookmark it. 

The Workspace ONE Platform 

One of the first questions people might have is what the difference is between all the components of Workspace ONE and Horizonespecially if they’re also thinking of our previous product names like AirWatch and View. 

Workspace ONE is the umbrella name that we use to describe our digital workspace platform. Our endpoint management offeringwhich manages iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, rugged devices, Linux, wearable devices and containerized mobile apps—is Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management. This came from VMware’s acquisition of AirWatch back in 2014VMware Horizon is our desktop virtualization platform, which includes Horizon 8, Horizon Cloud, the Horizon Control Plane, VMware App Volumes and more. 

Many customers got their start with either Horizon or Workspace ONE UEM, but the Workspace ONE platform offers several more components. Here are some of the main parts:  

You’ll hear us talk about various goals and initiatives that customers can address using Workspace ONE, including employee experience, Zero Trust security, IT modernization, business continuity, remote work and more. We use the following diagram to illustrate all the different parts of the Workspace ONE platform. 

 Favorite Articles and Videos 

Whenever someone wants to learn about Workspace ONE and EUC, I always send them something that looks like this list of articles and videos. 

I talked to 160 customers in the past year about their EUC plans. Here’s what I learned. By Brian Madden, who works in the Office of the EUC CTO and spends his days talking to lots of customers. This article was written in mid-2019, so obviously a lot has changed with all of the events of 2020, but it will give you a good introduction. 

What is zero trust, and how real is it today? Also by Brian Madden; this goes over one of the biggest topics in EUC and security today. 

For all of our big EUC announcements from VMworld 2020, watch the Digital Workspace Solutions Keynote (free registration required) or read our blog post VMworld 2020: All of Our EUC Announcements, Themes & Everything Else You Need to Know. 

Besides the VMworld Keynote, there’s also a deep library of VMworld EUC sessions. In particular, I recommend out community-oriented DeskCon and VDIscover tracks 

Early in 2020, we put out a lot of information on how to help customers adapt to increasing amounts of remote work. See these articles: 

VMware EUC Resources 

The VMware EUC technical marketing team runs a very useful site with lots of guides and deep dives called the Digital Workspace Tech Zone. Tech Zone (as we call it) includes a great blog and podcast. 

Tech Zone has a lot of videos giving overviews of all of our products and updates, but one set that I’ll call out is The Ascent! Future-Ready Now with Workspace ONE. (Blog post | YouTube playlist.) This series covers building a Workspace ONE environment from the ground up, and focuses on the transition from PCLM to Windows 10 modern management.  

And finally, one of the top resources at Tech Zone is the VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon Reference Architecture. You might have noticed that I’ve already linked to different parts of this several times in this article.  

For our official documentation, see VMware Docs. 


Here’s where to find us. 


This guide was created on January 4, 2021. 

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