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What’s New with VMware Virtual Workspace for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is changing. Organizations today are equally focused on patient outcomes as they are on patient satisfaction. Value-driven healthcare requires organizations to innovate.

VMware EUC solutions for healthcare are tailored to deliver mobile management, desktop virtualization and app delivery solutions that enable healthcare organizations to deliver the best patient care at the lowest price while driving increased patient satisfaction.

In this blog, we are excited to announce the best Horizon release yet: VMware Horizon 7 version 7.9 with Horizon client 5.1. This release provides healthcare customers additional features and stability compared with earlier releases. We are also sharing new product videos and news on our healthcare sessions at VMworld.

What’s New in VMware Horizon 7 version 7.9

The 7.9 release of VMware Horizon 7 includes new features and enhancements to the Horizon platform, Horizon Console, Horizon Agent, and Horizon Client. The following includes highlights of the 7.9 release. For full details on this release, please refer to the Horizon 7.9 blog and complete feature set, fixes and known issues in the Horizon 7 product documentation.

Healthcare-specific Deliverables in Horizon 7.9

• Epic as exploratory branch

• Imprivata OneSign 6.x

• Assign application icons to RDSH apps

• Serial port redirection in nested mode for Windows & thin clients

Additional Features in 7.9

• Universal Windows Platform Apps (aka VM hosted apps) on Windows 10

• Microsoft Teams support with Real-time Audio & Video

• Keep Instant Clone desktop alive after user logoff

• HTML5 video redirection support for Linux clients

• Fingerprint reader redirection over USB

• New Horizon policy (UEM) to manage Blast configurations

• Windows 10 1903

Horizon Clients

• Drag and Drop Enhancements

• UEM Smart Policy

• Support for Skype for Business 2019 Q2

• Proxy support for Win 7 Clients

• Improve Audio quality in Fallback mode for RDSH 2016 and 2019 Terminal Service sessions

• Support Skype for Business 2019 Server

• Mac Client IPV6 support

• Microsoft Teams support with RTAV

• Windows, Mac and Linux

Multimedia and Social Media

Horizon 7.9 and CART 5.1 Videos

The Tech Marketing team has created new videos for the Horizon 7.9 release. These videos, as well as other Horizon videos, can be found on Tech Zone.

Horizon 7.9 / Horizon Client 5.1 – What’s New

Horizon 7.9 – Enhanced Drag and Drop

Horizon 7.9 – Desktop Application Publishing

Horizon 7.9 – Update Hosted Application Icons

Healthcare VMworld Sessions

This year customers will have opportunities to attend a number of VMworld healthcare sessions. We will have sessions that cover solutions across the BUs.

End User Computing will also hold a 90-minute healthcare session that is focused on product updates and real-world examples relevant to our healthcare customers. Stay tuned for details.