My Favorite Email App is Boxer, Here’s Why

Aug 24, 2018
Kelly Masters


Kelly Masters is part of the VMware End-User Computing (EUC) product marketing team. She has a passion for technology and art and focuses on creating powerful marketing campaigns. When she isn’t working, Kelly loves to travel and see live music.

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VMworld 2018 is right around the corner! Week-long technology conferences are often a whirlwind of breakout sessions, networking, booth meandering, xylophones (am I right?) and squeezing every moment in between to manage your growing inbox. With the Workspace ONE secure productivity apps, I can leave my beloved laptop in the room and continue to be productive on my personal phone whether I’m running to a session, queuing for coffee, or headed to happy hour.   

Like many, I am constantly checking my inbox. It is safe to say I practically live inside of our all-in-one inbox, calendar and contacts app, VMware Boxer. While Boxer is primarily known for enterprise security and data protection, the product teams have also mastered the user experience side of things and are constantly building new and innovative features for business users. Below are five of my favorite Boxer features I use often enough to do in my sleep. 

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4-way Configurable Swipe Gestures and Undo in Boxer

Swipes are pretty standard in mobile apps today and email is no different. What sets VMware Boxer apart? The ability to configure swipe gestures four separate ways to fit the way you work. Whether you are a piler, filer or purger, you can optimize your swipes to power through email while you’re on-the-go. You also have the option to bulk select and swipe–ideal for clearing out spam or organizing email into specific folders. Didn’t mean swipe right? Tap undo, which can also be set to the duration you desire.


Easily (and Beautifully) Share Availability

This is one of those features I’ll reach for Boxer even when I’m sitting at my laptop.

We’ve all read those 5 dreaded words, “What times work for you?”. Flipping back and forth between composing an email and scanning your calendar isn’t fun for anyone, not to mention typing out each little window of time. With Boxer, easily share your availability by choosing Share Availability and tapping times on your calendar you wish to share. When finished, Boxer organizes your availability in a pleasant little box that is ready to send.


View Your Colleagues Availability

Setting up a meeting with a colleague completely blind is like starting a game of ping pong: prepare for a lot of back and forth. Boxer now support the ability to check whether or not your colleagues are available when setting up a meeting. Plain and simple.



Custom Quick Replies

You know those email replies you send multiple times a day? Whether it’s something simple like “Thanks!” or “Running a few minutes late.” or something more specific like “I believe you have my stapler.”, we all have them. Boxer lets you add and manage a list of quick replies that are easy to access so you can reply faster and keep moving.


External Recipient Warning

Boxer adds visual cues while composing an email and configurable warnings to let you know when corresponding with someone outside of the domains you select. Your domain is selected by default. When I’m working quickly on-the-go and on such a small screen, it is easy to overlook detail. This feature provides an extra little sanity check by preventing me from accidentally sharing internal documents or information with customers, partners and external agencies.


Another service around Boxer that will drastically improve user experience and productivity is Workspace ONE mobile flows. If you missed my announcement blog, find it here. Users spend more time in their inbox than any other enterprise app. We created mobile flows to make it easier for enterprises to build workflows from other backend systems into the app user statistically use most.



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