[Free eBook] Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies Guide

Oct 10, 2016
Ashley Speagle


Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware.

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What is the digital workspace? What will a digital workspace do for your IT organization and your business?

Get a crash course on the secure digital workspace and how to do it right from the start with a new VMware Special Edition of the Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies, by our own experts Pam Takahama, Josue Fontanez and Tricia Stream.


If you’ve been following along the VMware End-User Computing (EUC) blog, you’ve discovered how a digital workspace strategy can transform industries. You’ve read how the digital workspace provides new ways to manage Windows 10 and even emerging endpoints like augmented reality devices. Now, get the whole story on the digital workspace, the benefits, the potential pitfalls and the technical stuff.

digital-workspace-for-dummiesBrand new to the digital workspace? Read the guide cover-to-cover for key takeaways and deeper dives into the technology.

Familiar with the digital workspace but want to learn something specific? Go straight to the topics you’re most interested in: trends driving digital workspace adoption, use cases and opportunities, the framework of a secure digital workspace, identity management, desktop management or unified endpoint security.

Regardless of where you’re at on your digital workspace journey, the most important thing is that you’re on that path. Users increasingly expect a consistent experience no matter where, when and how they’re logging in to access work. The answer, as the Dummies guide outlines, is the digital workspace.

“Employees want a seamless experience across personal devices, as well as corporate‐owned devices, without IT configuration hassles. They also want to be confident that a secure divide exists between their personal and work data — in other words, Big Brother isn’t watching! The same with applications — from legacy to native mobile and cloud to virtual. Workers don’t care how these applications get delivered, but they do care that every application they need is available when they need it.

How can your business support new identity‐defined workspaces across a variety of users — retail store associates checking inventory on a PC and a smartphone, hospital clinicians entering test results into a mobile workstation and an iPad, or financial advisors placing trades from Android devices and laptops?

The answer is the digital workspace.”

Download your free copy now of the Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies to lead your organization’s digital transformation.

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