VMware Horizon

Using VMware Horizon Toolbox With Horizon 6

By Nancy Beckus, Writer and Editor, End-User Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

VMware Horizon Toolbox is a free-of-charge Web portal that acts as an extension to View Administrator for View virtual desktops in VMware Horizon 6. Use the Horizon Toolbox to determine the correct system size and load for View Connection Server, locate each user’s login and logout times, and discover how many endpoints are using which clients.

You can already audit sessions and usage with VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon, which is included in the Horizon Enterprise Edition. But if you have the Horizon View Standard Edition or the Horizon Advanced Edition, which do not contain vRealize Operations for Horizon, you can use Horizon Toolbox to audit sessions and usage, as well as manage your linked-clone desktops with the Snapshot option and oversee your Horizon Clients with the Client Audit Report.

After you log in to Horizon Toolbox, by default, the following window appears with tabs for Auditing tasks and Management tasks. From here, you can click the Auditing tab and work with Sessions, Users Usage, Snapshots, and Clients. Or, you can click the Management tab and work with Remote Assistance and Device Access Policies.


For more detailed information about the Horizon Toolbox capabilities, go to Explore the VMware Horizon 6 Toolbox Auditing and Remote Assistance Capabilities white paper.