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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Five Key Considerations Before Starting Your Windows XP Migration

by: Betty Junod, Director Product Marketing

If your organization still needs to move from Windows XP to Windows 7, you are not alone. According to a recent study commissioned by VMware that surveyed 322 desktop IT professionals globally

  • 64 percent of enterprise companies still need to migrate off of Win XP
  • 52 percent of mid-sized companies still need to migrate off of Win XP
  • 61 percent of SMBs still need to migrate off of Win XP

If you are starting to feel stress as we move closer and closer to the Win XP support expiration date of April 8, 2014, rest assured that there is an easy way to tackle a company-wide OS migration project.

Migration and migraine do not have to go hand-in-hand as long as you take the time to prepare and use the right software tools to simplify and speed up the process.

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The VMware Horizon Suite on Nutanix – A match made in Heaven?

By Steven Poitras, Solutions Architect at Nutanix, Inc.

I recently had the opportunity to head over to the VMware HQ and conduct a white boarding session on the VMware Horizon Suite on Nutanix solution.

When looking at the diagram in the solution video I noticed one thing, white space.  Rather than having complex lines going to LUNs/IQNs or chassis to arrays or uplinks, all we had to show was the Horizon architecture, which is what we really care about.

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